Nothing Last Forever Or Does It?

This is a sad (romantic) G-Dragon fanfic.
You and GD have been spending alot of time together until your rival gets you in trouble! (So mean right?) AND YOU GET FIRED from YG Entertainment!! (-.-) How will GD react??


2. He Loves You. ;)

You wake up In the hospital. You see GD resting in a chair holding your hand. He woke up.

"hey Y/N.~" GD said still half asleep.

"hey Jiyoung." You said blushing.

"OMG! SORRY!" He said blushing. He let go of your hand.

"haha it's ok Jiyoung! I didn't mind!" ^.^. You said laughing at how red his face was.

"Does your head hurt still?" GD said curious. 

"Not as bad as yesterday." You answered

" I was scared yesterday. By the way I forgot to do something yesterday." GD said with his cute little smile.

"what is it Jiyoung?" You asked curiously 

"this." He said as he leaned over and kissed you.

O////O you were pretty much frozen there for a while.

"HaHa! Wow you look like you just saw a ghost! Are you shocked?" GD asked laughing

O////O *did he just kiss me* you thought to your self still proceeding things.

"Helloo? Earth to Y/N! Earth to Y/N!" GD said waving his hands in your face.

O////O "I-IM S-SHOCKED." You say 

^.^ "haha! Man the way you act when I kissed you made you look Seungri sees you sing Strong Baby!" He said laughing so hard! "Wait seungri seen me sing Strong Baby!?!?" You said shocked (again ^.^) "what no who told you that!" He said. "GD you didn't record me did you?" You said crossing your arms. " Maybe. ^.^" he said giggling like a school girl. You had to admit, GD had the cutest laugh in the world. 

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