Three Styles


this family has a set of triplets first is Harry Edward Styles the popular and flirty one and a nice personally but he gets moody and really doesn't get along with his siblings the there's Marcel Anthony Styles he's the loser and geek that gets picked on he's quiet and to top of his inner geek h has huge nerd glasses then there is one more but this ones different because its a girl her name is Marie Jane Styles she's the outgoing bad girl one you don't want to get on her bad side or god knows were you will end up she loves music to well we introduced you to this weird family this is there junior year of high school and a lot of things change

break ups, Love, Loss, Hate, Fights and most of all history

keep reading to see this weird life they live in


8. What The Hell

Marcels pov

im stunned my brother did that to her were all almost the same person and he went to far wonder why she wants to die its all his fault some one called her down stairs i followed her

"who is it mum" she asks and then see who is at the door its Liam her ex and Harrys stupid friend

"are you here for harry" she asks in a rude ton of voice

"no we need to talk" he says she nods and closes the door so she's outside

"HARRY COME HERE" i yell he comes

"liams outside talking to Marie" i say

"lets spy" i smile and we go to the window to see them talking we giggle me and harry have been doing this since we were kids always spy on Marie that's what brings us more tougher i guess the last couple of weeks it feels like we aren't family we all hate each other but i hope things change we watch then Liam pulls Marie into a kiss she try's to push away and she fighting to push away me and harry run to the door and harry opens the door

"what the hell do you think your doing to my sister" Harry yells and he lets go of Marie then Marie ran over to me and hugged me she was crying i rubbed her back for support

"i want to die" she kept saying she must still be scared of what harry did to her

"no you don't" i say back harry fights with Liam while i take Marie inside she sits  down on the couch i grab her a blanket and put it over her she looked at me i smiled she was so sad i could see it in her eyes harry came back in with a bloody nose then Gemma walked in she say Marie on the couch crying and me sitting next to her and harry with blood on his hands she first ran to harry her and harry were the most close like her and  harry would do everything tougher when we were young Marie gets up and goes up stairs then Gemma follows then i push harry

"your friends are jerks" i say im not actin weak anymore

"im sorry i know i ruin Maries life i get it" he says and walks away

Maries pov

i grabbed my phone it was ringing i look its Eleanor

"are we still on for the sleep over and stuff" she asks

"of course we  are im getting ready what time do you want me to pick you up" i ask

"um what about like 6 when the game starts" she says

"yep ill be there bye" i say and hang up i grab overalls but there short so they aren't like the jean ones there the one like shorts i grabbed a striped navy blue tea shirt and walked to the bathroom i got my make up on and curled my hair i grabbed my black snap back with jewels on it and threw it on my head i grabbed my black high tops and put them on i checked my phone i had 30 minutes to kill so i picked out a small purse to put my phone and woman things in i went down stairs grabbed my keys but then i got stopped

"were you going" Harry asks in his uniform ready to leave him self we all share a car and i forgot he had to get to the field

"out" i say and run to the car and open the door i laugh and lock the doors

"MARIE" he yells and i just laugh i back out of the drive way and drive to Ells house ...................... I finally arrive at her house she came running out to the car and she jumped in and we drove off


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