Three Styles


this family has a set of triplets first is Harry Edward Styles the popular and flirty one and a nice personally but he gets moody and really doesn't get along with his siblings the there's Marcel Anthony Styles he's the loser and geek that gets picked on he's quiet and to top of his inner geek h has huge nerd glasses then there is one more but this ones different because its a girl her name is Marie Jane Styles she's the outgoing bad girl one you don't want to get on her bad side or god knows were you will end up she loves music to well we introduced you to this weird family this is there junior year of high school and a lot of things change

break ups, Love, Loss, Hate, Fights and most of all history

keep reading to see this weird life they live in


7. Im Home To This

Maries pov

"are you sure your ok Marie" Louis asks

"im fine" i weakly smile

"why did you try to do it" he asks

"i felt like no one cared or needed me i felt used by my brother to my best friends i felt like i was a waist of time" i said and everyone turned to me and listened too me when did everyone care all of sudden  

"everyone in the room cares about you" Marcel says



Finally i can get out of this shit whole it sucks here i feel like im in jail they finally let me leave i run to the car jumping

"honey why are you so happy" my mother asks

"i get to go home duh" i say smiling i only want my parents to think im happy so they don't worry about me i get in the car....................we finally drive up my drive way i get out of the car and run to the front door i see harry and just run and hug him

"Hi Marie" he says i squeeze him even more than marcel comes down the stairs i then run to him and hug him

"MARIE your home!" marcel says in a happy ton i let go of the hug and smile i turn to harry while hes just looking at me they all seem so sad

"what is wrong" i say to harry and he breaks down crying and he hugs me and puts his face into my shoulder

" i did something stupid" he says

"don't you always" marcel says i chuckle

"what did you do" i ask and unlock are hug

" you know Lucy from are school" he said i shook my head oh god

"i raped her Marie i ....don't know what ttt to do" he says i stand there shocked Harry has raped me but i never had the guts to tell anyone he promised he would never do it to anyone again that liar he did this to me about 2 years ago i have scars of were he scratched me still

"you lying bastard" i manage to say

"im sssoo sorry Marie" he says crying i look over to marcel shocked i never even told him about what happened

"I CANT BELIVE YOU" i yell and flip the end table and the vase breaks i then grab the picture on the wall and punch a whole in it

"I should die shouldn't i Marie" he asks

"no harry you should not but WHY' i yell upset i cant deal

"I DONT KNOW" he yells


"yes" he mumbles

"im so confused" Marcel says

"im telling marcel" i say i grab marcels arm and drag him to my room i turn my back to marcel

"Pull up my shirt" i say he does it

"see those scars" i say

"yes" he mumbles

"those are from Harry" i say

"what do you mean" he asked

"Harry raped me Marcel" i say

"is tttthis why you try to kill yourself" he asks stunned

"part of it" i mumble back

"it was at the point i was disgusted by myself i put a video up on instagram but Kim saw she came right to the house i was in the bathroom trying to get the cap off of medication i was going to over dose but she grabbed me i just screamed i want to die over and over again but no one herd me but Kim" i say with tears going down my cheeks

"im so sorry" he say crying and hugs me i rub his back and comfort him

"MARIE" i hear someone yell from down stairs

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