Three Styles

Intro this family has a set of triplets first is Harry Edward Styles the popular and flirty one and a nice personally but he gets moody and really doesn't get along with his siblings the there's Marcel Anthony Styles he's the loser and geek that gets picked on he's quiet and to top of his inner geek h has huge nerd glasses then there is one more but this ones different because its a girl her name is Marie Jane Styles she's the outgoing bad girl one you don't want to get on her bad side or god knows were you will end up she loves music to well we introduced you to this weird family this is there junior year of high school and a lot of things change break ups, Love, Loss, Hate, Fights and most of all history keep reading to see this weird life they live in


3. Harry Cut it Out

Marie Pov

i see harry marcel and my dad in my room

"what do you think your doing!" i yell

"getting.....a chip"  Harry walked over to the bag of chips and ate one

"please leave" i said

"Nope" harry said ploping on my bed

"were worried about you Marie" Marcel replies

"well dont ok bu bye" i said waving my hand

"i like your room so stylish"harry replies

"i get the joke but i need alone time" i reply

"you have had alone time for hours" marcel whines

"so im a girl" i snap back

"you know im sorry whats your issue" harry replies

"My issue oh my issue its that ill always forgive you guys but it hurts when you hurt me and call me names it sucks my life is a living hell maybe i cant forgive you this time harry.... im going to bed leave" i say pointing

"i never knew you felt that way but you are over dramatic" harry laughs and marcel hits him


"harry knock it off " mum yells back

"you know what Marie you have changed so much in the past year the old Marie would have fun not care about what people think and live now your the total soppiest i like the old you i want the old you" he yelled in my face and walked out marcel followed i slammed my door close and went to

bed i was so tired




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