Three Styles


this family has a set of triplets first is Harry Edward Styles the popular and flirty one and a nice personally but he gets moody and really doesn't get along with his siblings the there's Marcel Anthony Styles he's the loser and geek that gets picked on he's quiet and to top of his inner geek h has huge nerd glasses then there is one more but this ones different because its a girl her name is Marie Jane Styles she's the outgoing bad girl one you don't want to get on her bad side or god knows were you will end up she loves music to well we introduced you to this weird family this is there junior year of high school and a lot of things change

break ups, Love, Loss, Hate, Fights and most of all history

keep reading to see this weird life they live in


2. Harry And Gemma Take Over

Harrys pov

marcel is such a baby literally he is crying about probably something stupid probably he broke a nail

"what is rong" i yell in marcels face

"want the good.....or the bad" he asks

"good first then bad" i say

'God damn i don't have fucking all day" Marie mumbles

"well first Gemma is coming home" marcel whispers i look over to see Marie doing a party dance


"ugh girls" i mumble then maries stops and  flicked me off

"bad news" i ask marcel

"i cant tell harry" he says and walks with Marie out and into her room that dumb ass is hiding something from me

Marie pov

"you stole Harrys girlfriend" i burst out laughing she's the most popular girl in school and she's cheating on harry for a loser right

"fine here's prof" he took out his phone and gave it to me he was write she asked out marcel

"don't tell harry" i yell for harry to get pissed me and him don't really get along hahaha

"WHAT" harry yelled

me and marcel got out of my  room harry chases me down the stairs and i run out the front door full out sprinting with only sandals on and of course harry gets in his car and chaises me im about 5 houses away from my house but then i see Gemma car pull in so i trick harry and turn around and run back to are house to see Gemma i run up to her and hug her from behind

"HI GEMMA" i yell

"Hi Marie please get off of me" she said in a rude ton

"oh ok are you mad "i ask still smiling she just walked by me fine be that way harry pulled in and came out of his car

"what did marcel say" he asked then he stood in front of me

"why would i tell you" i say then punch him in the face then he tackles me to the ground i scream


"shut up bitch" he says covering my mouth than i started kicking and hitting him but he was to strong

marcel ran out and saw harry attacking me on the ground "MOM GEMMA" he said running inside then mom and Gemma ran outside


he finally got off of me i got  up and i just walked up to the front door and knocked Gemma out of the way and went to my room i am so pissed at harry and Gemma i hate my sibling so much i hate being a triplet god i grabbed the picture with all of us and the book everything that involved my brothers and Gemma and put them in a white garbage bag an took a sharpie and wrote i hate you all you little brats you and threw it out side my door then i made a huge sign that  says no siblings aloud im taking this serious im not putting up with them there all stupid it was Sunday so we had school the next day so i started on my home work

3 hours later

i haven't came out of my room my parents marcel harry and Gemma were trying to talk to me threw the door i just didn't reply i turned on my laptop and went on oovoo and harry started oovooing me i answered marcel and harry were sitting next to each other in Harrys room

"what " i say trying to cover the tear stains yes i was crying don't judge

"are you ok" marcel asks

"no " i whisper

"Marie i am so sorry for being a bitch to you" Gemma come ups from behind and go's in middle of harry and marcel "i know its means so much to you to see me"

"and im sorry for hurting you" harry says fixing his hair i look at the screen and stop hiding the marks

"you've been crying" marcels says

"i hate you all please just leave me alone" i say and hang up

i know harsh im just pissed and crap but then i look to see my door knocked down?




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