Three Styles


this family has a set of triplets first is Harry Edward Styles the popular and flirty one and a nice personally but he gets moody and really doesn't get along with his siblings the there's Marcel Anthony Styles he's the loser and geek that gets picked on he's quiet and to top of his inner geek h has huge nerd glasses then there is one more but this ones different because its a girl her name is Marie Jane Styles she's the outgoing bad girl one you don't want to get on her bad side or god knows were you will end up she loves music to well we introduced you to this weird family this is there junior year of high school and a lot of things change

break ups, Love, Loss, Hate, Fights and most of all history

keep reading to see this weird life they live in


1. Annoying Brothers

Maries pov

I wake up to blaring music what the fuck i get out of bed with only a bra and yoga pants on and walk out to the hallway

"not marcels room" i whisper then marcel came out of his room

"is that your music" he moans

"NO i hate rap" i wine he opens his eyes

"you got a piercing............... and get a shirt on" he growls

"na i rather not" we walk to Harrys room i punch his door which really hurt and yelled

"HARRY" he opened his door

"what the fuck is up with the music turn it off" i moan

"make me" he smirks

"oh i will make you " i mumble and marcel pulls me back

"what's going on guys" my dad said getting out of his room i look at him and pout

"and girls" he reply's i smile

"whats going on now" my moms says yawning come out in the hall way

"harry had his music up really loud and woke us up" marcel says

"harry grow up turn it down" harry turned it off

i un gripped out of marcels arms and went in my room and plopped on my bed and fell asleep for another good hour i woke up to the smell of bacon grabbed a sweat shirt and put it on and ran down the stairs i walked in the kitchen marcel was helping mom and harry was sitting at the table texting i sat across from harry and looked at his new tattoo

"what you looking at" he said smiling

"your tattoo its sick dude" i reply i talk more like the guys because im always surrounded by them

"i know its massive" he mumbles

i got up to get plate

"harry catch" i threw him the plate marcel pointed his ring finger at me

"be careful missy" Marcel says

"ok" i pout and then walk over to mom

"hey mom when can i get a tattoo" i say

"tattoos or piercing's are not for girls so never "she said smiling

"to late for that " i smirk

"what do you mean" she asks

i pull up my shirt for her to see my belly button piercing

"oooo Maries a badass" harry says then laughs


"ok with me" i reply back

we finally ate after that stuff i went in the living room harry sat next to me

"wow your such a rebel" we both laugh

"i know i am" i smirk

"wanna hang today" i ask

"cant " harry reply's

"why not" i pout

"friends coming over"

oh come one he doesn't want to spend time with me i got up and ran to my room to get ready for the day i picked out red shorts with a white tea shirt and hopped in the shower i go out of the shower with my tight curls that i hate to death i herd a knock on the bathroom door


"its marcel can we talk" he says worried

"yea be right out" i reply i get on my cloths and do my make up the i grab my phone and tell Kim to come over i grab my sandals and get out of the bathroom and knock on marcels door

" Marcel its Marie" he doesn't answer i start to look around the house the final place i didn't look is harrys room i knock on the door and i kinda let myself in harry was cradling marcel while he was crying i ran over

"what's wrong" i ask

"no clue" harry says

"that helps you have a good brain" i joke

"i know i am but what am i" he replies i burst out laughing when i shouldn't be right now but harry damn messed up the joke harry steps my foot so i shut up like he wants me to

"you said the joke wrong" i whisper

"do i give a shit" he says

"no" i pout

"you get my point" he says back i rubbed Marcels back while he still was crying wonder what is wrong i bet you he got his first 89 on a grade ha what a loser


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