Hi, my names Lydia. I'm not very exciting. I'd call myself your basic girl. There's one thing that makes me different. It's not a good thing, it's bad really. I just want some way of relief from everything I go through. No one can know about it though, they will never look at me the same. It will be are little secret okay?

What will happen when Lydia finds out she has to go to a different school? She will have to continue to hide her secret that shes ashamed of, but will she meet someone who will only make it worse, or be the one one to help her stop?


16. jealousy?

I'm so sorry for being inactive, thanks for putting up with me... also if you guys have been wandering why Lydia did not go to a hospital from her injures, it's because the wounds were not that bad, and she is able to move, it's just painful since she has bruises all up her side form being kicked... Anyway is the next chapter

Chapter 13

"So are you going to take me home today?" I ask, secretly hoping that he wasn't going to.

"Well I could if you want, but I think it's best that you stay here, considering you can't move by yourself" he explains. "Yeah I guess... So what do you want to do then?" "Well we can watch a movie, if you want?" He asks. "Okay that sounds great"

"What movie do you want to watch?" "Um anything you want, I'm not picky" I say, just hoping it wasn't horror. I can't handle horror movies. Whenever I watch them I can't control my screams.

"Okay how about Paranormal Activity, I haven't seen it recently and I've been meaning to watch it" he says. Great just my luck, "um yeah, but I'm not very good with horror movies" I say while biting my lip. "That's okay, I'll protect you" he says to me pretending to talk like a superhero. This caused me to laugh.

After he put the movie in to the player, he came over to the couch and sat right next to me. In the beginning of the movie I was okay, until the first girl got possessed then I screamed. I'm pretty sure I jumped and scared Harry. I fell onto Harry. After a while he put his arm around me and I leaned onto his chest. It was nice, I could feel the warmth from him.

Half way through the movie, there was a knock at the door then someone just walked in. "Hey Harry can I borrow som- wait is that Lydia?" "Hey Niall" I say feeling kind of awkward. Right when Niall turned the corner and saw me leaning on Harry, Harry jumped up with a worried look on his face. That caused me to fall forward onto the couch and yelp in pain.

Niall had a look of shock, then hurt, then jealousy? I couldn't tell. "Hey mate, what are you doing here?" Harry asks looking a little worried. "Well I was wandering if I could borrow some food, but then I saw you busy with Lydia." Niall says. Yep that was jealousy, but why is he jealous?

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