Hi, my names Lydia. I'm not very exciting. I'd call myself your basic girl. There's one thing that makes me different. It's not a good thing, it's bad really. I just want some way of relief from everything I go through. No one can know about it though, they will never look at me the same. It will be are little secret okay?

What will happen when Lydia finds out she has to go to a different school? She will have to continue to hide her secret that shes ashamed of, but will she meet someone who will only make it worse, or be the one one to help her stop?


4. First last day

Hey guyyy... I would like to say thank you again to MyLies (if I were you I would check out some of her stories... They are really great)

She gave me a great idea for a new chapter coming up!!!! Keep reading to find out what it isssssss!!!!

Chapter 2

A new school??? No no no this can't be happening. How will I manage without Sophia and Angie there. They've been the ones to help me threw all of this.... There the ones who kept me from killing myself!! How am I going to tell them?? This is terrible...

"Lydia.... Lydia" my mom says bringing me out of my thoughts... "Yeah yeah sorry" I say still not really paying attention" "um how long until we leave?" "Well I have to be at the new job Monday and we do have to move all are stuff into the new house.... Oh my gosh the new house!!! I forgot to tell you how great it is.... Since my job is relocating me they found and payed for the first year of our new house... It's really beautiful" "anyway not the point... Since I have to be there by Monday and we still need to pack and settle in the new house we will be leaving Friday morning".

Great that leaves me four days with my best friends. With my old school, with my old house, with my old life. "Start packing now Lyd so that you will be all ready for Friday" my mom says while she goes back to reading whatever was on her cell phone.

*skipping to Monday morning*

*beep beep* *beep beep* here we go again... Please please please stop... *beep beep beep* "Lydia get out of bed now!" Mom yells from downstairs. Uuuggghhhh... I reach to my side table for my glasses... In the process I whack my arm of the side of the table.. And drop my glasses onto the floor... Hmmm I could reach down and grab them... Oooorrrrr I could just stumble into the bathroom like yesterday... When I glance over at the clock I realize I've been debating with myself for that past ten minutes...

"Shit" I say to myself "Lydia are you awake yet?" My mom yells from downstairs again.. "Yeah yeah mom almost ready" I yell as I leap out of bed forgetting about my glasses... Ummmm no time for a shower today... Thanks god I took one last night before bed...

After brushing my hair into a messy bun, I run to my closet and grab my pair of black skinny jeans and a white lace shirt. I slip on my grey Vans and run downstairs to grab an apple. "Have a good day sweetie" my mom says as I run outside to catch the bus.... Let's hope... All I've been thinking about is telling Sophie and Angie that this is my first last day.

**authors note**

Wow six reads in one night... That must be pretty good... Right? Right? I'm right

Sorry for the short chapter, I will have another up this afternoon.

What will Lydia's friends think? How is the bullying going to be at her new school? Will she be bullied? Read to find out

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