Hi, my names Lydia. I'm not very exciting. I'd call myself your basic girl. There's one thing that makes me different. It's not a good thing, it's bad really. I just want some way of relief from everything I go through. No one can know about it though, they will never look at me the same. It will be are little secret okay?

What will happen when Lydia finds out she has to go to a different school? She will have to continue to hide her secret that shes ashamed of, but will she meet someone who will only make it worse, or be the one one to help her stop?


10. First Day..

Hey guys... Here chapter seven.

Chapter 7

*beep beep* *beep beep* "first day of your new life Lydia, get up!" My mom shouts from downstairs. "Yeah I'm up mom" I shout back down to her.

Last night I laid out my clothes for the day. I chose a long sleeved blue shirt with a silver heart outline on the front. In the outline of the hear it said forever.

Then since it was warm out, I chose a pear of wight wash jean shorts. And I will wear my navy blue Vans to go along with it.

I stumble into the bathroom to turn the shower on. Then I brush my teeth. Once the water is warm enough I slip in and start to wash my hair.

When I'm done I dry off and blow dry, then straiten my hair. My hair depending on the day can be strait or slightly wavy. Today it was just frizzy so I straitened it. After that I push it back with a black headband. Then I put my clothes on and do my makeup. Once I'm done I head downstairs. "Honey the bus will pick you up on the corner of the street" my mom says while finishing her breakfast. "Okay thanks" I say grabbing an apple and heading to the door. "Bye mom love you" "love you too darling" my mom shouts back.

When the bus pulls up, I can't see inside since the windows are tinted. There's only one other kid at the bus stop besides me. He has blonde hair styled up into a somewhat quiff and blue eyes. When I look over he smiles at me. "Hi what's your name?" He asked with from what I hear, an Irish accent. "Lydia" I say smiling back. "Nice to meet you Lydia, I'm Niall, Niall Horan." "Well it's nice to meet you Mr. Horan". I say with a small curtesy. "The pleasure is all mine" he says with a slight bow. Just then the bus doors open. "After you m'lady" he says joking around. "Why thankyou kind sir" I say back.

The bus ride to school was okay. I didn't sit by Niall though he sat in the back with his, I'm guessing friends. "There were two boys. I picked up there names from hearing Niall same them. I'm guessing one was Liam, and the other Zayn.

The way to school I sat further to the front of the bus. I already hear some kids whispering about me. I could also see them pointing towards me. Great I said to myself... Kids are already talking to me. I tried to keep telling myself it was just because I was a new kid who showed up randomly in the middle of the school year but I couldn't stop thinking different. It used to be like this at my old school when they still made fun of me. Always laughing and pointing, always calling me names, thinking that it didn't hurt me as much as it did.

Once I we arrived at school, I was one of the first off the bus. The great thing was I tripped on the way out and fell onto the street ground. Awesome, just awesome. Now I'm going to be known as the school clutz. People started to laugh. I quickly grabbed my stuff, while trying to cover my face before they could see who I am. Hopefully they won't remember.

I walked I the office and saw two small lady's who looked like they were in their late 50's. "Hi I'm Lydia Rose, I transferred here". "Ahh yes, Miss Rose, here are your classes and if you need any help or have any question don't be afraid to ask." The lady said while smiling. "Thankyou" I say smiling back.

Okay let's see, English first, then math, then history, then lunch. Okay Lyd stay cool.

**skipping to lunch**

**dinnnng** the school bell rung dismissing us to lunch. "Don't forget your homework" Mrs. Watson reminded everyone. She was nice, she thought history, but she seemed a little strict. I didn't have any classes yet with Niall, he seemed nice so I hope we could be friends. Of course I didn't make any friends, I'm one of those quiet people who don't raise their hand in class.

Once I find the lunch room, I go to the lunch line to buy lunch. I grabbed a sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple, and a water. Okay now I just have to figure out where to sit. "Lydia!" I hear from somewhere in the room. I look around and then see Niall waving me over to a group of five other guys and two girls.

When I walk over I'm greeted by Niall. "Hey Lyd, why don't you eat lunch with us today?" "Yeah okay thanks" I say back while setting my stuff down. "So as you know I'm Niall he says." "And this is Louis he says pointing toward a brown haired boy wearing stripes. "This is Liam, he says pointing toward a boy with brown hair and brown eyes." "This is Zayn he says pointing toward a boy with dark hair and what looks like, somewhat brownish goldish eyes." "And this is Harry he says pointing toward a boy with curly brown hair and emerald eyes.

"Oh and this is Eleanor he says, she's Louis's girlfriend. And this is Danielle, she's Liam's girlfriend. I recognized both from the math and English class. I think Harry's in my history class.

"Nice to meet you all" I say smiling towards them all. I get smiles and hellos from all but the curly haired one, Harry wasn't it?

Ahhhh super long chapter just because I love my readers... Maybe I'll have another up tonight... Maybe tomorrow morning.. Not sure but thanks for reading so much guys!!!

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