Hi, my names Lydia. I'm not very exciting. I'd call myself your basic girl. There's one thing that makes me different. It's not a good thing, it's bad really. I just want some way of relief from everything I go through. No one can know about it though, they will never look at me the same. It will be are little secret okay?

What will happen when Lydia finds out she has to go to a different school? She will have to continue to hide her secret that shes ashamed of, but will she meet someone who will only make it worse, or be the one one to help her stop?


2. ****authors note****

Heyyyyy... I hope you guys like it so far.. I will try and have the next chapter up tomorrow...

I just wanted you all to know that this is not based of my/anybody's life. It's just a story I'm making up as I go...

Also if you guys have any suggestions feel free to comment them... Maybe I'll use them if I feel they fit the story. Thanks guys xx

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