Hi, my names Lydia. I'm not very exciting. I'd call myself your basic girl. There's one thing that makes me different. It's not a good thing, it's bad really. I just want some way of relief from everything I go through. No one can know about it though, they will never look at me the same. It will be are little secret okay?

What will happen when Lydia finds out she has to go to a different school? She will have to continue to hide her secret that shes ashamed of, but will she meet someone who will only make it worse, or be the one one to help her stop?


12. almost

Chapter 9

One. Two. Three. Go!

I ran out of the stall to the paper towels. I rapped a bunch around my arm about five times. After I fixed my makeup since I didn't want any body to get suspicious... I ran out of the bathroom... And casually speed walked to the front door of the school. Just then I hear my name being called.

Shit... This is the perfect time to have a conversation (notice my sarcasm). I Spin around to see Niall standing there along with Liam and Harry. "Hey guys" I say as they walk over to me. "Um I'm kind of in a hurry to get back home and I already missed the bus so." I started to say but go cut off when Niall said, "well Harry can drive you... Me and Liam have to be somewhere as well and I will be going with Liam, but Harry was just going home and I'm sure he won't mind taking you to your house."

I look over to Harry and he gives me a slight nod. "That would be great actually." I said. This way I don't have to worry about running. Just staying awake.

As I get into his car I start to feel a little dizzy. I can see blood starting to drip out of the paper towels and into my shirt. Shit I mumble under my breath. Okay just stay awake and were okay.

"Where do you live?" Harry asked "um four blocks down, make a right, another two blocks, second house on the left." I say running out of breath. "That would of been a far walk... Can't your mum pick you up?" He asked while watching the road. "No she's at work a lot... I usually take the bus but I missed it." I say while looking out the window. The rest of the ride was silent until my eyes started to go fuzzy. Come on Lyd... One block away. "And here we are" he said pulling into the drive way. "Thanks again" I said "No problem he replied, see you later" and with that he drove away. "I ran to the house, grabbed a bottle of water on my way upstairs and ran to my drawer. I pulled out a long bandage and covers the cuts preventing the blood loss. I then took the bottle of water and chugged it down. This helps you stay away and helps the blood to circulate better (kind of just made that up... Lol just so you know)

After finishing I clean the cuts... Re bandage them and walk downstairs.

On the kitchen counter I find a note.


My worked called me out on a business trip, I will be gone until next Thursday call me later and stay out of trouble -Mom"

I wasn't worried since this is normal. My mom goes out for work a lot.

I decide to watch TV to take my mind of things.

*skipping from Monday to Thursday (Thursday b4 the mom comes home)

This week went by pretty fast. I sat with Niall almost the whole week and got to know the girls and guys better besides Harry, he was still nice but didn't talk to me much. Me and the girls became pretty good friends too. They invited me to a party that's coming up I'm a couple weeks.

After school I go home, shower, eat dinner, and call my mom. After watching TV and doing my homework I decide that I wanted to go for a walk. I feel like I need to get my mind of the rumers that those girls who slapped me last week spread.

Once I see it's dark out I decide that it will only be a short walk. I slip on a pair of sweatpants over the shorts I was wearing... A t-shirt and sneakers then I head out the door. I walk for about a mile and decide to turn back. I head past an ally way because there's a short cut to my house.

All of a sudden someone grabs me from behind and throws me down against the ground. I look up to see a man around the age of 40 with a smirk on his face. "HELLLPPP" I scream just to earn a kick into my stomach. "Listen bitch" the man whispers to me making sure no one hears. "You are going to back up further into the ally and your going to sit still and be quiet." He spits at me. "NO" I scream just to get slapped and pulled by the hair back words. "What's the little slut going to do?" The man says while slipping his hand up under my shirt. I start to sob but the man just squeezes above my hip right causing me to yelp.

"Shut up bitch he says and pulls down my pants leaving me only in my underwear. He starts to rub my inner thigh with one hand and under my shirt with the other while I quietly yelp.

Then out of no where that man was thrown off of me. I look over to see someone familiar throwing punches at the man. "Run!" The person yells at me but I ant move, I'm to I'm shock and my stomach is in major pain from when the man kicked me.

And that's when I fainted.

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