Rodeo Twins

Jamie and Beau aren't ordinary people; They're fraternal twins, the children of a small town rodeo legend, and their family has a dark secret.


3. Jamie

I watched Tennessee and Ocean Blue gallop around the corral. Since Beau and I broke 'em they're ours. One of the girl ranch hands walks towards the house, she and Beau stare at each other. Aw shit, Beau's got those puppy love eyes. I stifle a laugh, I'm just going to let them be. Out of the blue I begin singing Easton Corbin's 'A little more Country than that'. As I begin to finish  the last bit of song, Dakota says, "You're really good, Jamie.". I nearly fall backwards off the railing, but Dakota catches me.

"Damn it, Dakota." I say and then shake my head. He just says, "Sorry, 'bout scarin' ya, Jamie.". I nod and say, "Appology accpeted, Dakota.". I hear Jason shout as he's running towards us, "Ey! Dakota! We got a problem with Swift Foot and Wild River!". The color immediately drains from my face, my vision begins blurring and I feel light headed. Dakota sees me and then shouts to Jason, "Get Danny and Beau, NOW!". I lean against Dakota for support. I think to myself, What the hell is going on with me?

"Jamie, what's wrong?" Uncle Danny asks. Jason says, "Something's wrong with Swift Foot and Wild River, Sir.". And just like that, I'm on my knees, I wrap my arms around myself. I feel like someone has just punched me in the stomach. I start mumbling, "No, no, no.". 

Beau takes Jason aside and says, "She's acting like this because she trained those horses for our Dad.". I hear Jason say, 'oh shit' and then make a squeaking noise.

------A/N (really quick, these are Swift Foot and Wild River----------

Swift Foot:

Wild River:

--------Now Back to the story------------

I look at Dakota, and then to Uncle Danny. Both nod their heads, then Dakota takes my hand and takes me to see the horses. I brace myself for what may come. These two horses are like family to me, but furry and they have hooves. I stare into Wild River's stall, the sweet Palomino and see him lying on the ground, barely breathing. It's the same way with his mate Swift Foot. I choke back tears when I hear Uncle Danny come in with the Vet.

"Well, they don't look so good, Danny. So, you know what I ha-" I interrupt her by saying, "Just do it, please. I can't stand seeing them like this. Just get the check over with, and if they're dying just do what you have to do, please.". The Vet looks at me and then says to Uncle Danny, "Who the hell is this? I thought..." Beau interrupts her, "You thought wrong, Ma'am, what ever you were thinking. We're Danny's brother's kid, I'm Beau and the 'who the hell is this' is my sister, Jamie.". The Vet is shocked at the way Beau acted.

"Danny can I speak to you alone?" the Vet asks.  Uncle Danny and the Vet walk away, but Dakota, Jason, Beau and I can hear them yelling at each other.They come back in and Uncle Danny asks Dakota to take me somewhere. I begin to protest, but Dakota puts his hands on my shoulders and says, "Will do, Boss. Come on Jamie.". I reluctantly nod and follow Dakota out of the barn.

That's when he says, "Forgive me for this, I've just met you today.". I'm about to ask what he means when he KISSES me. I know I should do something but I just let it happen. Once we're done kissing, Dakota says, "Again, sorry 'bout that. I may get in trouble for kissing the boss's niece.".

I look at Dakota and then say, "If Uncle Danny tries to say anything..." I don't finish because I hear Beau and Jason shout, "Hell yea!" and I see Beau with his phone out. I give him an evil stare and then say, "You didn't.". Beau nods his head and I turn my head to see Dakota's face and eares turning red. I pick up a reasonable sized rock and say to Beau, more like threaten him, "Delete it or else." then begin walking towards him.

"Don't you even dare, Jamie." Beau says as he picks up a bucket, that I assume is empty. I throw the rock at his feet, but am rewarded with a cold shower. I scream, "DAMN IT, BEAU!" and then set on the ground, my head on my knees. I hear Dakota go off on Beau, "The hell was that, Beau? She was fucking joking with ya.". I look up at them and say nothing. Beau's face goes pale. He's never had anyone, but himself protect and take up for me, I thought. I stand up and then sternly say, "Enough! Both of you.". They both back off.

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