Rodeo Twins

Jamie and Beau aren't ordinary people; They're fraternal twins, the children of a small town rodeo legend, and their family has a dark secret.


1. Jamie


1.) Beauregard "Beau" Gunner Dixion" 

      *Age: 20

      *Height: 6'2"

      *Weight: approx. 195

      *Hair Color: Brown

      *Eye Color: Brown

     *Favorite Country Song: Rodeo by Garth Brooks

 (He looks like Sam Winchester from Supernatural)



2.) Jamie "Jaye" Nicole Dixion:

       *Age: 20

       *Height: 6'2"

       *Weight: approx. 195

       *Hair Color: Blonde

       *Eye Color: Bluish Green

       *Favorite Country Song: Helluva Life by Frankie Ballard




*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

It's five am when I hear my alarm go off, signaling that it's time for me to roll out of bed and do some chores. God, I love living on our small ranch, it's one of the only places my brother and I can be ourselves. I knock on Beau's door and shout, "Come on, B, we got chores to do and then we have to head out to Uncle Danny's ranch.". I hear something that sounded like, "Go the hell away, Jamie.", but it could've also been, "Be there in a minute.".

I knock on the door and shout agai, , "Damn it, Beau! Dad wants us to do our chores! Why do you have to be an ass?". I jump back as the door flies open and a tired looking Beau is standing in front of me. He growls at me, "What?!?!". I shake my head and say, "Little brother, when will you learn not to growl at me? You'll become a dog if you keep doing that.". Beau shakes his head and says, "I'll never know, no wait scratch that, I DON'T want to know why you're the older twin, Jaye. Look just let me get ready, then we'll head down stairs, alright?".

"Better hurry though, I smell bacon, waffles and some coffee." I say. Beau's eyes light up and he says, "You had me at bacon.". We both smile and I run back to my room; this is what Beau and I do, we race to get sown the steps. I quickly shower, towel dry my hair and pull it back into a ponytail, grab a pair of Levi's, a button up shirt, my Justin hat and my Ariat steel toed boots. I hear Beau shout as I'm half way to the stairs, "Next time, Sis. You'll beat me next time.".

Curse him and his track and field training, but then I sigh as I walk into the kitchen to find Beau holding out a plate of food and a Mountain Dew for me. This is one of the many things that Beauregard "Beau" Gunner Dixion is know for, his big, kind, country boy heart. We eat in a hurry and then we head out to muck out the stalls. As Beau and I finish the last stall, our Dad walk up to us and says, "Jamie, Beau. I have some news for you.". I immediately snap my head aroundand stare at him.

"What's the news, Dad?" Beau asks. Dad says, "Danny has some new horses that need to be broke in, so he needs your talents, you two.".

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