Rodeo Twins

Jamie and Beau aren't ordinary people; They're fraternal twins, the children of a small town rodeo legend, and their family has a dark secret.


4. Beau


Dakota leads Jamie out of the barn, so Jason and I follow them. That's when Dakota kisses Jamie. I snap a picture of it, knowing that she's going to kill me when she finds out. Jason and I ecide to shout, "Hell yea!". I see Jamie turn around and give me a death stare. She picks up a rock and "threatens" me, so I pick up a bucket of water and throw it on her. She freaks out and then Dakota freaks and starts acting like a bad ass. When Dakota and I are about to fight Jamie stands up and scream, "ENOUGH!".


Jamie is shaking like a leaf, being that she's probably soaked to the bone.Dakota runs back into the barn and comes back out with one of the blankets that we use to sleep in the loft above Wild River's stall if we have to watch the horses. He wraps it around her and he hugs her. Dakota looks at me and asks, "What?". I say, "Nothing.".   Dakota gives me a dirty look, but nods his head. Uncle Danny comes out from the barn and then shouts at us, "What the hell is going on, Beauregard?!? Why is Jamie all wet?!? WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!?!". I look at the ground, feeling Jamie's bluish green eyes piercing my soul.

"I threw water on her, alright!" I shout as I jerk my head up. I shake my head, I hated it when Jamie and I fight. I sense that Jamie is staring at me, probably wondering 'What the hell is wrong, Beau?'. I don't say anything as I walk to the corral. I say, "Tennesse.". The buckskin comes running  towards me. I say to him again as I hop on him (bare back riding), "Let's run.".

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