Rodeo Twins

Jamie and Beau aren't ordinary people; They're fraternal twins, the children of a small town rodeo legend, and their family has a dark secret.


2. Beau

Dad walked up to Jamie and I as we finished the last stall. He says that Uncle Danny needs our help with some new horses. Time for some Bronco busting, I think to myself. Jamie shakes her head at me, then says, "Alright, Dad.". Jamie and I clean up and set the rest of the gear in the tack room, then we hop in her Jeep Wrangler and head to our uncle's ranch. I turn the radio on and Frankie Ballard's 'Helluva Life' begins playing.

"This is a damn good song, Beau, fits our lives perfectly." She says. I nod and then lean the seat back. About twenty minutes later we're sitting on the railing of the corral where the new horses are. One's a mare with Pinto markings and a blaze marking on her face. The other one is a buckskin stallion. Jamie and I laugh at the other ranch hands, trying to break the horses. One of them, Dakota, sees us laughing and walks over to us.

"What the hell are y'all laughing at?". Jamie shakes her head and turns on her country girl charm. She says, "Well, to be honest, Dakota, sir, it's just funny about the way your going about busting these horses.". I believe Dakota falls for that, because he asks, "You wanna try?". Jamie nods and jumps down. Dakota leads her to where two other ranch hands are keeping the Pinto.

Dakota helps Jamie get in the saddle and then nods to one of guys, signaling him to open the chute/gate. The Pinto comes out from the gate like the fastest train, Jamie barely hanging on. My sister goes in to what I like to call, 'Deep Concentration Mode', meaning she gets into the horse's mind. I recognize the guy that opened the gate, he's my friend Jason.

Nearly thirty minutes go by and the Pinto is now responding to Jamie's every command. She cracks a smile at Dakota and Jason, as if to say, "This was too easy". Now it's my turn. The gate opens and the buckskin does what it's best known for; bucking and rearing. I can already tell that he's as stubborn headed as me. I can hear Jamie shouting, "Break 'em, Beau!". That's when the Buckskin suddenly pitches me forward. I land on my back, hoping that no bones are broken.

I see Jamie running towards the Buckskin. She does the same thing that she did to the Pinto. Both of them are breathing hard and Dakota yells, "Hell yeah!". I stand up and brush the dust off of me. Uncle Danny comes over to and says, "Thank you. Now what shall we name them." Jamie says, "The Pinto is Ocean Blue." and I say, "The Buckskin is Tennessee.". Uncle Danny nods and then says, "Since you and Jamie named 'em and broke 'em, they're yours.". 

Jamie and I shout, "Hell yes!". Jamie and I have our own horse, I mean we've ahd horses in the past but we've had to sell them. Wait until Dad hears about this, he's gonna flip. I was getting ready to call him when I see one of the neighbors daughters that work as a ranch hand. Her name is Carrie Mustang, and God she's so cute.


-----------The Horses----------------

Ocean Blue:



-------------The Two Main Ranch Hands-----------


(This is Dallas Winston from 'The Outsiders' credit for Dallas goes to S.E HInton)


(This is Derek Hale from 'Teen Wolf'. Credit for Derek goes to creators of 'Teen Wolf')

-------The Pretty Girl ranch hand---------

Carrie Mustang:


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