*Hidden Affection~ Justmine*

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas HATE each other they can't even stay in the same room as each other without something bad happening! But what happens when they are forced to spend the summer holidays together.. Read to find out. This story is also on my wattpad you can find it by searching my username... Userrname: EllieGrier Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!:)


9. chapter 8


Jasmine POV

Guess who I bumped into?.......Justin!!! are you kidding me?!?!

Justin: *towel wrapped around his waist* well well well *checking her out*

Jasmine: *whines* stop looking at me....

Justin: how can I not look at you?!? your right infront of me half naked!!

Jasmine: Justin your such a jerk!!

Justin: I'm a jerk? well your a whinning bitch, who is practically naked!!

Jasmine: F*** you!! *walks away to her room*

Justin: well F*** you too!! *storms off in his room*

Pattie: *shout from downstairs* HEY!! STOP SWEARING!!

Chaz: yeah guys stop swearing!!

Ryan: shut up Chaz...

Jasmine POV

How can it be possible for a person to be that annoying!?! God! I quickly got dressed. we werent doing anything for the rest of the day so might aswell wear pyjamas

Justin POV

Jeez Jas is such a bitch!! But I still can't believe she was half naked in front of me....

dang it, my hairdyer broke...what the hell am I suppose to do now?!?

Jasmine POV

I finised getting changed until I heard a knock on my door?

Jasmine: who is it?!?!

???: ME!!

Jasmine: NO!! GO AWAY, JUSTIN!!

Justin: aww please!! My blowdryer broke!!

Jasmine: *sighs and opens the door* oh really?

Justin: yes and I need to use yours!!

Jasmine: *trying not to look at his six pack* well too bad, I'm not letting you!

Justin: *walks towards her* give me your blowdryer *their bodies are touching*

Jasmine: uh erm fine!! *throws her blowdryer at him*

Justin: wow!! That really hurt you know!!

Jasmine: *pushing him out the door* I don't care!!

Justin: *stands there* thanks for the blowdryer *fake smiles*

Jasmine: anytime..*fake smiles back then looks at his body(he still has a towel around his waist btw)*

Justin: yep, thats right take one more look at my sexy body because I'm gonna go away now *winks then walks away*

Jasmine: atleast put a shirt on!!

Justin: are you sure you want me to? *walks into his room and shuts the door*

Jasmine: *grunts then runs downstairs*

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