*Hidden Affection~ Justmine*

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas HATE each other they can't even stay in the same room as each other without something bad happening! But what happens when they are forced to spend the summer holidays together.. Read to find out. This story is also on my wattpad you can find it by searching my username... Userrname: EllieGrier Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!:)


8. chapter 7


Justin: maybe it won't take us that long to get to back to the camp house....I mean we only have to walk straight ahead....

Jasmine:....*still limping*

Justin: *sighs and walks up to her* are you sure your ok?

Jasmine: yes. Why do you care anyway?

Justin: *grunts* could you try and be nice for one second? *walks ahead*

Jasmine: *sighs and shakes her head*

Jasmine POV

we kept on walking and suddenly it started to rain......are you kidding me?

(10 mins)

Justin POV

You know 10 mins of awkward silence, is really uncomfortable, I looked up and saw the camp house

Justin: YES!!! *starts to run*

Jasmine: *looks up and sees Justin running to the camp house* oh thank God....

Jasmine POV

We walked up to the door and opened it

Bern: there you both are!!

Pattie: we started get worried, you guys were out for along time

Jasmine: yeah we got lost in the woods

Justin: yeah I wonder why....

Ryan: we started to get wrinkly in the lake....

(everybody looks at them weird)

Jasmine: ok I'm gonna take a shower so bye *I limped up the stairs, go my towel and went straight to the bathroom*

Jasmine POV

I started to fill the bath tub with warm/hot water. When it was full I took my clothes off and went in, I started to massage my ankle and it started to get better. After 15mins of taking a bath I got out and dried myself....Shit!! I forgot my clothes, I wrapped myself around the towel. oh no, I started to walk up to the door, I hope nobody is outside in the corridor. I turned the knob opend the door and walked out. Suddenly I bumped into somebody, I turned around.....shit

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