*Hidden Affection~ Justmine*

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas HATE each other they can't even stay in the same room as each other without something bad happening! But what happens when they are forced to spend the summer holidays together.. Read to find out. This story is also on my wattpad you can find it by searching my username... Userrname: EllieGrier Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!:)


7. chapter 6


(Bern and Pattie have finished cleaning)

Pattie: does everybody still want to go swimming in the lake?

Jasmine: no...I don't, can I just stay inside?

Ryan: well I still wan't to go swimming in the lake!!

Chaz: yeah me too!!

Bern: honey do you want to collect the fire wood for our fire place instead?

Justin: *mumbles* like she'll ever get the job done....

Jasmine: Yeah!! can I collect the fire wood??!?!

Bern: just be carefull ok?.....don't go past the gate in the woods.

Jasmine: I wont *smiles*

Bern: Be home before dark.

Jasmine: yes! yes! I know!! *starts walking out the door* bye guys!! *smiles big*

Jasmine POV

I'm soo exctiteed to collect the fire...eeeppp. I know I'm a freak, but it seems cool, usually the guys have to do it. I started walking up the hill and into the woods. I could still see the camp house from here, it's not even dark,it's only 1pm

I started to pick up some fire wood until I heard somebody "you need help?" I turned around.

Jasmine: oh what are you doing here?

Justin: I'm just being nice *said it through his teeth"

Jasmine: I thought you were going to go swimming in the lake *starts walking further*

Justin: *follows her still holding the ice pack in his private* my balls would hurt even more!!

Jasmine: right ok!!

Justin: you haven't said sorry properly yet *smirks and walks towards her*

Jasmine:.........*picking up fire wood turns around and Justin is right infront of her* could you stop creeping up on people...it's scary!!

Justin: I think you need more fire wood *smirks*

Jasmine: *sighs and turns back around and walking even further in the woods* do you mind helping me?

Justin: no I'll just stand here and watch you shake you booty...

Jasmine: *quickly turns aorund* Justin shut up!!

Justin: sorry I can't help it!! it's so big....me likey *winks*

Jasmine POV

I couldnt help but smiled awkwardly I mean, what was I supose to do? Turn around and keep walking?

Justin: you liked that diddn't you? *smirks*

Jasmine: ok I'm just gonna pretend that you didn't say all that preverted stuff *slowly turns around and keeps walking*

Justin POV

Honestly I can't stop staring at her ass....I mean she's right infront of me!!!

(they have been walking for 40 mins)

Justin: *chuckles*

Jasmine: *turns around* what?

Justin: do you even know where we are? *looks around*

Jasmine: no *looks around* my mom said just don't go past the the gate.....

Justin: *calm* yeah erm we past the gate like 30 mins ago!!

Jasmine: *whines* oh no *sits on a big rock*

Justin: *chuckles and sits next to her*

Jasmine: why are you so calm!?!?!? we'ere lost!!

Justin: it's not that bad *stands up and starts walking back*

Jasmine: hey don't leave me!!

Justin: well then start walking!!

Jasmine POV

I cant believe we're lost, but it's not gonna be that hard to go back to the camp house right? you just have to go back.....I kept walking until I twisted my ankle...I diddn't wanna tell Justin, he might make fun of me. I kept walking, I was close to tears.

Jasmine: *walking a few ft behind Justin*

Justin POV

I kept on walking, trying to look for the camp house until I heard somebody crying behind me, I turnd around and saw Jasmine limping, her head was down and I could hear her cry a little

Justin: *sighs and waits for her* are you ok?

Jasmine: no. *carrying the fire wood*

Justin: here let me take it *gets the fire wood off her*

Jasmine: *sighs* thanks *sniffs and walks ahead him*

Justin POV

oh God Here I go staring at her ass again...oh well, it's not a bad view ;)

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