*Hidden Affection~ Justmine*

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas HATE each other they can't even stay in the same room as each other without something bad happening! But what happens when they are forced to spend the summer holidays together.. Read to find out. This story is also on my wattpad you can find it by searching my username... Userrname: EllieGrier Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!:)


5. chapter 4


(Btw they arrived at 10am)

Justin: *mumbles* bitch....

Jasmine: *hears it and mumbles* dick...

Bern: honey go get your suitcases, outside please *drinking coffee*

Jasmine: ok *heads tot he door*

Pattie: Justin go help her, Ryan and Chaz go unpack your bags

Jasmine: no it's fine I can handle it myself *walks outside to the car and opens the truck and tries to get her suitcase* omg. c'mon *pulls it but nothing happens*

Jasmine POV

OMG I'm going to scream if I don't get suitcase out.....then I felt somebody smack my ass?

Jasmine: *squeals and turns around* Justin!!! what the hell are you doing?!?!?

Justin: *shrugs* nothing much what about you? *smirks*

Jasmine: God. your such a jerk....

Justin: *smirks and gets her suitcase out easily* Do I look like I care?.... *brings her suitcase in*

Justin POV

I'm only trying to be nice.....who am I kidding, when we're all settled in the camp house. the pranks start

Jasmine POV

I'm going to start pulling my hair if he keeps annoying me like that.....ok how am I going to get this other suitcase out?.... c'mon Jasmine you can do it

Jasmine: *gets it out* thank God!!!!!

Justin: you finally got it?

Jasmine: well, what does it look like to you? *starts walking away with her suitcase*

(Justin, Jasmine, Ryan and Chaz are in the couch. Pattie and Bern are int he kitchen making lunch)

Jasmine: I'm gonna go unpack *stands up* this movie's shit anyway *walks upstairs* (do you guys prefer me actually writing the actual swear word or the first word and the little stars? lol)

Jasmine POV

I started unpacking my stuff. I have a really pretty room it's light purple

anyway I started unpacking, until I heard a knock on the door

Jasmmine: who is it?!?

Justin: me!!

Jasmine: go away!!

Justin: I'm coming in *starts opening the door*

Jasmine: no don't *slams the door*

Justin: let me in now!! *pushes the door* Jasmine I'm stronger than you!!

Jasmine: fine *lets him in* what do you want?

Justin: mom said lunch is ready *walks away*

Jasmine: you diddn't have to come in to tell me!!!

Justin: SHUT UP JAS!!! *walks downstairs*

Jasmine: urgh!! *walks downstairs*

Bern: c'mon honey lets eat

Pattie: ok everybody lets pray


we gathered around the table, Ryan was in one of my side, then Chaz took the other. Then we said the prayer.

Pattie: ok everyone take a plate each there are pizza and fries for everybody

Justin: YES!!

Jasmine: *mumbles* freak...

Justin: shut up Jas, your so judgemental *picks up a plate*

Jasmine+R+C: *start laughing*

Jasmine: *claps* wow Justin used a big word *picks up a plate with pizza and chips* I'm gonna go eat outside....*walks outside and starts eating her pizza*

Ryan: hey Jas *sits next to her*

Jasmine: Hey Ryan *smiles*

Chaz: *sits next to them*

Jasmine: what you guys doing?

Chaz: sitting with you *eats his pizza*

Justin: *sits opposite them* you know we're gonna go swimming after lunch....

Jasmine: where are we gonna go swimming?

Justin: well...can you see the lake?

Ryan: sweet...

Jasmine: *eyes widen* I'm not swimming in the lake

Justin: well you have to.....*smiles* it'll be fun I get to see you in a bikini *winks*

Jasmine: Justin, you such a perv ewwww *walks back inside*

R+C: *laughs*

Justin: *laughs with them* she loves it really

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