*Hidden Affection~ Justmine*

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas HATE each other they can't even stay in the same room as each other without something bad happening! But what happens when they are forced to spend the summer holidays together.. Read to find out. This story is also on my wattpad you can find it by searching my username... Userrname: EllieGrier Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!:)


4. chapter 3

(Next Day)

Jasmine POV

I woke up to my mom shouting for me ot gte up and get ready. I stood up and walked to the beathroom, quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I went downstairs with my 2 massive suitcases.

Jasmine: ok I'm ready *puts her suitcases down*

Justin(V): How big do you want you suitcases to be?

Bern: c'mon kids...lets go!!

Jasmine POV

I put my suitcases in the trunk. My mom and Justin(V) went inside the car and then we drove to the camp.

(45 mins later)

Bern: kids!! wake up!! we're here now!!

Jasmine: *wakes up* we here?

Justin(V): yes!!! finally!! *gets out of the car*

Jasmine: *get out of the car* oh wow!! what a pretty place...

Bern: ok go inside Pattie's already here *gets some of the suitcases*

Jasmine: oh no....I don't wanna go inside!!

Justin(V): c'mon it's not going to be that bad!!

Jasmine: yes it is!! for the rest of the summer all you will here is me and Justin fighting!!!

Bern: c'mon honey lets go *pats her back and walks to the house*

Justin(V): *follow*

Jasmine: *follows* urgh!!

Jasmine POV

I walked in and saw Justin, Ryan and Chaz sitting on the couch....they all looked at me. They stood up and walked toward me

Ryan: Hey Jasmine *hugs her and pulls away*

Chaz: hiya Jas!!! *hugs her*

Jasmine: hey guys *hugs them back*

Justin: wheres my hug? *has open arms*

Jasmine: *rolls eyes and walks past him* go. away.

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