Choice is mine

*dystopian fiction* The war has ended. Those of us left must pick up the pieces. We all have a choice, stay and fight to live or leave and try to survive on your own. What do you choose? *cover by: Brynna Shadownight*


2. out

We were out of the place. I was glad of that because the place was were my family was berried, under the rubble. As we were walking I noticed that 13 was at least an inch taller then me. This surprised me because everyone in group 3 was 5 foot 3inches. Each group had a height, the height was 5 foot and the inches were the number of your group.

"You got taller." I said.

"I'm not the only one who's height changed. I met 12,963 from group 1 and she was four or five inches taller then me." He replied.

"I have a theory, do you remember the pill we all took?"

"Ya." I answer.

"I think they are the reason we were all the same height. It has bin so long since we had the pill that our real height is showing."

This made sense to me but also was weird. Why would the Government care how tall we were.

"13, what do you think we are leaving behind. I mean we both saw all the wreckage, and all the buildings that were destroyed. What could've bin in such a big place."

"I don't know. This wasn't a group place. The War move people here."


That night the air was dark, dank, and cold. 13 had a blanket and we shared it. Laying next to him I felt safe, like nothing could hurt us. I know that wasn't true. There were monsters, thieves, and wild people. We were anything but safe, but we were out.

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