Defining Love

I don't really think you can define love...

SEXUAL CONTENT AND COARSE LANGUAGE. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. But I know I can't stop you guys so hehe, go ahead ����


3. Unwanted Memories


London, England

Dear Diary,

As I already mentioned, I have a new trainee. His name is Harold Edward Styles.Well at the conference, he seemed really sweet, but as always, i spoke too soon. While i was giving him the tour of Gowlings, he seemed like he really didn't care about getting a job at the biggest law firm in London. And I just can't help but feel jealous of him sharing an office with Kim. Poor him, she'll be all over him until he agrees to sleep with her. Well anyways, I have work to do! See ya! Rose.

***** The Next day*****

Same shit, different day. Woke up, showered, got dressed, ate, made coffee and left. I parked my car, went up the freaky glass elevator and walked into my office. Surprisingly, Liam wasn't there. His desk was empty. I went to Anastasia; the assistant.

" Hey Ana, where did Liam's stuff go? "

" Oh you didn't get the news? His desk was switched, he's sharing one with Kim now!"

Wait, WHAT?!?! What about Harry! Did he transfer out?

" Ok then where is Harry going?"

" He's sharing an office with you!"

No words can explain how I felt when she said that. I'm purely in shock. I'm really happy that he's sharing an office with me but something's telling me that he doesn't feel the same.

" Oh ok then, thanks love! "

" Anytime!"

I decided to go get a coffee at the snack bar across the hall when I accidentally ran into Kim.

" Hello Rose" I noticed the sarcasm in her voice.

" Hi Kim, so I hear Harry's switching offices. "

" Yeah, I'm pretty surprised myself, we were getting along just fine on Monday. "

Maybe she was getting too flirty with him so he decided to make the switch. But did Mr. Malik or whoever chose for him, did he put a word in with Liam or did he ask? Man, that's gonna be bugging me for awhile I see.

" Oh, well I hope you're gonna be happy with Liam, he's really sweet. "

" Oh don't worry, the rookie will be just fine with me. "

Something about when she said that sent chills down my spine. Liam was like a little brother to me. I'd hate to see him get tangled into Kim's business.

" Well then, good luck. "

I soon scurried out of the bar and walked to my office. When I entered, Harry was there with a box of his stuff, placing his items on his desk.

" Hi, so I see you're my new office buddy."

" Yeah."

Ok, he's in a mood. Or that's probably his only mood.

" Ok then, If you need any help signing into the computer, feel free to ask me."

" Mkay."

I went to my desk and continued working. When the phone at my desk started ringing.

" Roselyn Parks."

" Rose, I have you're 3 o'clock appointment here, shall I sent them in? "

Oh my god! I completely forgot! It was the domestic violence victims who's files I've been reading two days ago.

" Yes! Send them in "

A couple of seconds later, I see two girl who I assume to be called Katerina and Julia Cartwright. They look about 20-22 years old, I can't seem to remember. They are both wearing long skirts and huge winter jackets.

" Hello girls! I'm Roselyn Parks, your attorney for your domestic violence charges. Please have a seat!"

The two girls sit down as I take their jackets and hang them on the coat rack behind the door.

" Can I get you anything to drink? Water, coffee, soda.." I was abruptly stopped by one of the girls.

" No thank y-y-you"

" Ok then, let's get started! Against who are you pressing the charges?"

" Um, our parents."

" Oh, well I'm deeply sorry girls, how long Has this been going on?"

" Our whole lives. They threatened to kill us and when we'd do anything wrong, they would tie us up in chairs and whip us."

These poor girls, I know how it feels to get abused by one of your parents but to have both of them abuse you? That must be horrible! I was abused by my father and he would throw stuff at me and my older sister. She ran away when she was 18 while I was 14. I was left alone to the abuse of my father. My mother was ill and in the hospital. She died when i turned 17. I stayed with my father until i was 19 then I ran away too. The memories sent shivers down my spine and a few tears dripping from my eyes. I hadn't realized I was crying until one of the girl, who i think was Julia shook me out of my thoughts.

" Miss Rose, are you ok?"

" Yes, I'm fine! It just brought back some unwanted memories. "

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