Defining Love

I don't really think you can define love...

SEXUAL CONTENT AND COARSE LANGUAGE. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. But I know I can't stop you guys so hehe, go ahead ����


4. To the moon and back


London, England

Dear Diary,

Today was hard. I was continuing the domestic violence charges from the Cartwright sisters. Their parents said that if they even tried to incorporate the law in any way, they would kill them. How horrible! It must scare them shitless. Anyways, I'm going to sleep. Bye! Rose.

I closed my book and put it in my night table. As I as about to close my eyes. I hear Niall finish in the shower. I decided to just lie down on by back and look at the ceiling. Niall walks into the room with nothing but a towel hanging really low on his waist. Damn. His blond hair dampened with water and little droplets falling as he turned his head. I was shook out of my thoughts by Niall's voice.

" Rose, just take a picture it will last longer. "

" Sorry. Just thinking. "

" Mmm, I know what you're thinking about."

He comes closer to my ear with his hand on my inner thigh.

" You're thinking about my cock inside that tight little pussy of yours. Fucking you mercilessly until you scream my name out so loud people in Australia will hear. Am I right baby?"

His words sent shivers down my spine and a moan out of my mouth.

" Y-yes."

" Mmm, the things I want to do to you right now."

He climbs on top of me and shoves his tongue in my mouth . I moan and kiss him back with twice the passion. His hand glides down until he reaches my black underwear. He groans.

" Oh Jesus, the things you do to me babe. "

I moan in response. He tears my underwear from my body and I whine while laughing.

" That was a new pair you ass!"

" Sorry, you just make me so animalistic baby."

I groan and he continues his hunt. His fingers brush over my clit and I moan/groan. He moves his fingers up and down my slit and puts them in his mouth.

" Mmm baby, you're so wet for me, only me."

" Y-yes niall, im only wet for you."

He takes two fingers and plunges them in knuckle deep into my pussy.

" Oooooh god Niall! Mmm harder!"

He obeys and pulls them completely out and pushes them back in with double the force on my g-spot.

"Niall!!!!!! Oh fuck!"

" Mmm yeah baby. I want your sweet cum on my fingers"

His words made me closer and closer to my orgasm

" Cum baby, you know you want to."

Those two words made me squirt my cum on his fingers. He pulls them out and brings them to his mouth.

" Mmm you taste amazing baby, just like always. Now I'm gonna burry my big cock into you nice and wet pussy. You want that don't you?"

" Uhh, yes Niall I want your big irish cock in my pussy, fuck me so hard I'll won't be able to walk tomorrow."

He spreads my legs and gets out of his sweatpants. To my surprise, he wasn't wearing boxers. He positions his dick and looks at me as if he's asking if I'm sure. I nod and he pushes his dick completely in my cunt.


" Thats right baby, let everybody in the UK know who's making that pussy sore!"

His thrusts are rough and deep, just how I like it. I might look sweet and delicate on the outside, but I like my sex rough. Really rough.

" Ughhh Niall! Fuck me harder!"

He takes his thrusts to a new level that I never knew he had.

" You like that baby? My big dick punishing your little pussy?"

" Oooooh yes Harry!!!"

WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!? OH MY GOD I HOPE NIALL DIDN'T HEAR. I spoke too soon when he stops and pulls out. My orgasm disintegrates and probably his too. He stares down at me with an indescribable look on his face.

" Harry? HARRY?! Who the bloody hell is he??? Are you cheating on me Rose??"

" No baby, I'm now cheating on you. He's a new lawyer at the firm. I said his name by accident."

I stroke his arm but a moment later, he pulls his arm away.

" Oh so you were thinking about him while having sex with me?!" He was beyond mad at this point.

" NO, not at all!! It was purely an accident. I would never cheat on you Niall!"

" You're lucky I'm madly in love with you."

Thank you Jesus! 🙏 I felt as if a ton was lifted off my shoulders. Why would I moan Harry's name if i barely had a conversation with him. I don't have feelings for him, but why was I thinking of him? God I'm lucky Niall's easy going. I feel horribly guilty though.

" Just promise me that you'll always stay with me and not go running off to him."

" Niall, I am completely, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in every way in love with you. Nothing will change that."

" Ok, I love you to the moon and back Rose."

" Me too Niall"

His lips come closer and closer to come in contact with mine. His kisses always ignite fire into my body. His kisses get on my neck and they suck the blood to the surface of my skin. I moan from the amazing feeling of his lips on my burning skin. Man, this is the man. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!

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