Defining Love

I don't really think you can define love...

SEXUAL CONTENT AND COARSE LANGUAGE. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. But I know I can't stop you guys so hehe, go ahead ����


2. The Conference


London, England

Dear Diary, Today something weird but at the same time annoying happened. My new trainee, Harry Styles kept asking me weird questions like " Hey Rose, when was the last time you had a drink?" And " Hey Rose, how's about giving me you number? " Like really lad, i barely even know you. And I'm just a serious person, I don't drink anyways either. He has really curly hair and green eyes, and his smile is contagious! Don't get me wrong, I don't like him though but he's quite gifted in the look department. He started working here and I just happened to finish my training. Mr. Malik and Mr. Tomlinson, my bosses and partners of the firm "Malik and Tomlinson Law Firm", decided that i still have quite a fresh memory of the training and that i should train the new guy. Wrong choice. Today when i called him, he sounded a little different from the accents i've heard here. His speech was slow and he had a very low voice. I gave him the info and on monday, he came for his training. His height was towering, considering that i'm 5'3" and I kinda liked it. Long story short, he's a flirty guy and i have a small anticipation burning up inside me. Seeing him tomorrow, who know what he will do. See ya! Rose.

******* That morning ********

Rose's POV

I woke up at 7:30 am with my boyfriend Niall's arm sprawled a crossed my chest. Without waking him, I went to the bathroom, showered, washed and dried my long black hair, picked out a suit from my walk in closet and put on my makeup. Just mascara and some red lipstick. I got my briefcase, my coffee, my keys to my Audi Q4 and was off to work. I arrived and Mr. Malik rushes to me and says " Rose! We need you in the conference room quickly!!" " Ok, ok Let me just put my stuff in my office!"

I ran into the office, that i share with Liam; another lawyer that trained with me. He's at his desk with a pen in his mouth. He looks up from his book.

" Hey Rose! Do you know what's going on in the conference room?"

" Actually, I'm was called in to it so I'll keep you posted."

He nods and goes back to whatever he was doing. I drop my briefcase and my put my coffee on my desk. Oh wait, what would i need for the conference. I'll just bring my briefcase instead.

I walk into the conference greeted by Mr. Tomlinson.

"Miss Parks! Please have a seat"

I take a seat in front of a young man who was pretty dashing if you ask me.

Mr. Malik starts off the conference.

" Rose, I would like to introduce you to..."

" Harry, Harry Styles nice to meet you"

Harry gives out his hand and I shake it with a smile.

" Roselyn Parks, pleasure to meet you"

Mr. Tomlinson then continues

" Rose, Harold here is your new trainee. You will show him the basics of working at Gowlings and the customer care rules. Do you have any problem with this at all?"

" Oh no sir I'd be delighted to train him! You're not a serial killer right?"

He chuckles and quickly responds.

" No, don't worry."

I smile and nod.

" Ok perfect! And Mr. Tomlinson, where will his desk be? "

" Well he can share an office with Kim, she has a free desk next to her."

Oh god, Kim is the ' slut ' of the firm. She slept with practically half of the men here. I'm surprised she's not pregnant.

" Ok well I should give him a tour then!"

Mr. Malik laughs.

"Perfect! Thank you Miss Rose."

" Anytime! "

We all got up and I went up to Harry.

" So how about we start off that tour? "

" Sure, whatever."

Whoa, bipolar much? I shrugged it off and gave him the tour.

" So here is your office, feel free to accessorize it however you like. They're pretty easy on the " artistic choice " here. So if you have any questions, feel free to call me at my desk; press 9 before then click 2101. "

" Ok cool."

Rude. I walked back to my desk quickly greeted by Liam.

" Rose! What's the 6 letter synonym for football? "

" Soccer, duh! "

" Oh right! I didn't think of that, thanks! So what was the conference about? "

" Oh, I have a new trainee! His name is Harry and he's from Holmes Chapel. "

" Ok, where's his desk? I'll go introduce myself! "

" Kim's office. "

I saw his face quickly soften.

" Poor him. She'll be all over him "

" No shit! I really didn't know that. And it doesn't help that he's incredibly attractive. "

Did i just say that out loud? I'm pretty sure I didn't but spoke too soon when Liam turns around with his jaw practically hanging loose.

" Roselyn Parks, do not develop a crush on the new guy, you have a boyfriend! Niall, remember? Tall, blond, irish accent. Does any of that ring a bell? "

" Hey! I'm NOT developing a crush on Harry ok? "

" Ok whatever you say love! "

" Thank you! "

He runs off to see Harry and I'm left alone in the office. My phone starts to ring. I run towards my briefcase and quickly see that it's a text from Niall.

* Hey princess, what do you want for dinner? I'm cooking;)*

Aw! He usually never cooks and always pays for takeout. I grin and start texting him back.

* Thanks babe! Umm, well anything but pasta.*

I never liked pasta. It gave me horrible stomach aches.

[...] He's texting.

* Ok cool see you later! Love you xx*

* Love you too Nialler!! Xx*

* Please never call me that -.-*

* Why? It's cute!*

* It's too, how can i say it, kidish*

* Ahaha ok well gotta go *

* Ok bye love! xx*

I turn off my phone and go to reviewing Harry's file.

Full Name: Harold Edward Styles

Date of Birth: February 1st 1989

Marital Status: Single

Wait, he's single! Wait, what am i saying? I'm dating a hot irish singer! Ok just continue reading the d*mn file!

Education: Oxford University

Oh my god, he's an Oxford graduate! I'm an Oxford graduate! How did we not cross paths?!

[A/N: I'm canadian so i'm going by the canadian education! By 25 you're already a lawyer!]

Criminal backround check: Nul

Hey, i guess he's right. He's not a serial killer, or maybe he just didn't get caught. Wait, what am I saying?! He prosecutes serial killers, he definitely isn't one.

A ring shook me out of my thoughts. It's Kim.

" Roselyn Parks."

" Hi Rosie, so i hear Harry is your trainee."

God her voice is annoying. It's squeaky and bitchy.

" Yes, in what way does that concern you? "

" Whoa, keep the claws in tiger. I just wanted to ask. "

" Ok well i have to review a file so bye. "

" Ok!" She hangs up right away.

Lord, please give me the strength not to rip her hair off.

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