Defining Love

I don't really think you can define love...

SEXUAL CONTENT AND COARSE LANGUAGE. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. But I know I can't stop you guys so hehe, go ahead ����


5. Attempted rape

I wake up on top of Niall's chest. His warmth and hearing his heartbeat make me want to fall asleep again. Why can't we stay like this forever? I struggle to get away from Niall's grip, not that I wanted to. His hold feels like he was protecting me. I finally succeed and go to take a shower. I come out with Niall staring at me. I start to giggle.

" What?" I say while pulling on my underwear.

" Nothing, it's just.. I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing person like you."

" Niall! You're making me blush!" I walk towards him and straddle his torso. I am just in my underwear and my boobs in clear view.

" Niall, you're an even more amazing person than me! Never doubt yourself. I love you more than life itself ok?" He flashes me a toothy grin that I soon return.

" Pssh, impossible!" I pretend to act shocked.

" Niall James Horan, are you doubting my love for you?"

" Maybe I am, maybe I'm not."

" Well whether you doubt it or not, I still love you."

" Show me then."

It takes me a while to understand but I feel a bulge under my ass so I grind it into it. He starts groaning. I start kissing his lips and down his jawline.

" As much as I want to ride you, I'm late for work." I get off of him and go into my closet. I smirk proudly at myself.

" Are you kidding me Rosie?! You just started something.."

I feel hands going down my sides and to the front if my clothed pussy.

" That you will now finish, right sweetheart?"

I decided to do this ' daddy ' thing Niall really likes. It will get him to take full control of me.

" Yes daddy"

I strut to the bed and lay down on my back with my legs apart.

" Come and fuck me daddy."

Niall didn't even think twice and came running to me. He jumps on top of me and start messily kissing me. His kisses go down to my neck and I start moaning his name. He pulls down my underwear and his boxers. He takes his dick and plunges it into my pussy. The pleasure is euphoric. His thrusts start of hard but then when I got comfortable, he thrusts into me like there's no tomorrow.


" Mmm yes baby, your pussy's so tight around me!"

He thrusts for about 10 minutes and we both cum. I look at the clock and jump from the bed. It was 9 already! I start at 9 but i arrive there at 8:45! I get my suit on and i forgot about my coffee. Screw it, I'll just buy Starbucks. I kiss Niall goodbye and get going. I arrive at 9:15 and park my car in the garage at the ground level. I start fast-walking and I feel an arm grab mine. I start screaming when a man puts his hand on my mouth. I start thrashing uncontrollably.

" Shhh baby, I don't want to hurt you."

I continue to thrash when suddenly, I hear a familiar voice.

" Hey! Let her go!!"

I hear running and soon after, I feel the hand on my mouth disappear. I open my eyes to see Harry with a bloody fist and another man with blood on his mouth. I ran behind Harry and I see the man was unconscious. Harry turns around with a worried loom in his face.

" Rose, are you ok?" His hands are on my shoulders and I soon realize that he'a really close to me.

" Y-yeah, I'm fi-ine." I say while still looking at his eyes.

" We-ell ok then. Let's go upstairs."

I follow him to the elevator and while we wait, he starts off a conversation.

" So, how is domestic violence charges doing?"

" Great! The girls are warming up to me so that must be a good sign."

" So, do you have a boyfriend?"

What did he ask me?! Oh my god 0.0. Calm down Rose.

" Umm, yeah. His name is Niall."

" Oh, ok."

" Do you have a girlfriend?"

" Yeah, her name is Taylor."

" Oh, ok."

We can literally cut the tension with a knife in here. Finally, the elevator came.

We went up the rather tall building in silence. God, will this elevator go any faster?! I hear the *ding* and soon after, the annoying electronic voice saying " Malik and Tomlinson Law Firm "

[A/N: Sooorry for the late update, Its exam preparation time here and theres lots of dumb practises. Me and my math teacher are at each others throats. Annoying bastard.]

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