Ready for anything

this is a story on the mighty morphin power rangers where it is Tammy Hart's first day at Angel Grove high and she has already caught the eye of Tommy Oliver


1. Tammy's first day

As a new day started in Angel Grove Tommy was walking to school with his friends, Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack, when Tommy spotted a new girl to the city and the school she looked so alone so Tommy walked over to her and introduced his self to the new girl,

“Hi I'm Tommy Oliver and who might you be”

As the new girl looked round and smiled at Tommy and replied

“My name is Tammy I am please to meet you.”

As Kim spotted Tommy talking to the new girl she was getting jealous cause she spotted that Tammy was a lot better looking than she was.


After school Tammy used to teach marital arts with Tommy and Jason and used to help people out all the time till one day she took a short cut home and was attacked by a load of putties which she defeated then she was put under Rita’s evil spell and given the Green Ranger power and was given the Dragonzord and the Dragon Dagger.

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