Ready for anything

this is a story on the mighty morphin power rangers where it is Tammy Hart's first day at Angel Grove high and she has already caught the eye of Tommy Oliver


4. Return of an old friend

During parent’s day at the Youth Center, Rita decided to trap all the Rangers parents in her Dark Dimension. She then put a spell on Billy to have him give her the Dragon Dagger. Rita and her minions told the Rangers that they would trade their parents for their Power Coins. Reluctantly the Rangers agreed, but Rita and Goldar double-crossed them, and sent the Dragonzord on a violent rampage in the city. When it seemed like there was no hope left, Jason revealed his own deception: though he gave up his Tyrannosaurus Coin, he secretly kept the Dragon Coin.


When Tammy came to the youth center and found the place deserted she was immediately teleported to the command center and was debriefed about the situation. She agreed to help, but with her powers completely gone Tammy had to accept a enormous power boost from Zordon, and he she became the Green Ranger once again. She was teleported to where Goldar guarded the Coins and proceeded to fight him and the putties. The Dragon Dagger and Coins where protected by a strange energy, but Tammy retrieved the Dagger to stop the rampaging Dragonzord and the Coins before she was teleported away. It turned out that by reaching into the force field energy while wearing the Green Ranger powers, it gave Tammy a major power boost that had restored the Green Ranger Powers permanently which made Tammy and all her best friends and team mates especially Tommy. The reason Tommy was so happy was because he knew when he went to work Tammy would follow him.

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