Ready for anything

this is a story on the mighty morphin power rangers where it is Tammy Hart's first day at Angel Grove high and she has already caught the eye of Tommy Oliver


5. Danger

As Rita and Lord Zedd send a new monster after the power rangers Zordon got hold of the Rangers and told them

“Lord Zedd and Rita have sent a new monster and it is destroying lower Angel Grove I need you to teleport to the command center right away”

As Tammy an the others teleport to the command center all they hear is Alpha going crazy cause he knows how dangerous Poison Cactus can be.


As all the Rangers look at the viewing globe they see how much damage that Poison Cactus has already caused, so Tommy makes the decision to call

“Its Morphing time”

Tommy shouts


Tammy shouts


Zack shouts


Kimberly shouts


Billy shouts


Trini shouts

“Saber-toothed tiger,”

And Jason shouts


As they all Morph in to their colors, Tommy turns into the White Ranger, Tammy turns into the Green Ranger,

Zack turns into the Black Ranger,

Kimberly turns into the Pink Ranger,

Billy turns into the Blue Ranger,

Trini turns into the Yellow Ranger, and Jason turns into the Red Ranger.


As they all hit Earth they chose to split up Tammy and Tommy take on one set of Putties, Zack and Kimberly take on the second set of Putties, Billy and Trini take on the third set of Putties and Jason take on the forth set of Putties, and this was just to get to Poison Cactus let alone defeat him.


Rita makes her monster grow just to make the Rangers bring out their Zords to defeat the Poison Cactus monster, as the fight continues Tommy and Saba hit the monster and weakened it down so the Ultrazord could finish the job.


As the Rangers teleported back to the command center Alpha and Zordon congratulated them on their victory the Ranger now are one up on Rita and Lord Zedd.


Back at Lord Zedd’s place Rita is blaming every one but herself she is even blaming the Lord of evil Lord Zedd himself even though she is the one that made the mistake of making Poison Cactus grow which made it easily defeated, Lord Zedd turned round to Rita and said

“This is your fault no one else’s”.


The citizens throw a party to say thanks to the Power Rangers but Bulk and Skull try to take credit for it and they had everyone fooled till the fireworks wet off and had Thank You Power Rangers in big letters.

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