Ready for anything

this is a story on the mighty morphin power rangers where it is Tammy Hart's first day at Angel Grove high and she has already caught the eye of Tommy Oliver


7. A new life for Tammy

After Tammy recovered from her injuries she was free to get back to her normal life like talking to Trini and Kimberly, training with Tommy and Jason, flirting with Billy and Zack and having a good time with her friends.


One day Trini and Kimberly where going shopping so Tammy decided to tag along with them, that when Kimberly decided to try and beat Tammy with the style, but Tammy knew what to cloths to get to get the lads going, Tammy brought a dark green dress with light green tights, Kimberly brought a light pink dress with dark pink tights and Trini brought a yellow dress with bright yellow tights.


The next day the girls went in to school in their new cloths and thought perhaps we should go shopping for some new suits to impress the girls then they might go on a date with us, when the lad’s go shopping, Tommy brought a white suit, Billy brought a blue suit, Zack brought a black suit and Jason brought a red suit just so they would impress the girls.


When Tommy, Jason, Zack and Billy got to Ernie’s juice bar and gym the girls where already sat there chatting and waiting for the lads to ask them on a date, just as Tommy looked at Tammy and smiled so Tammy walked over to Tommy and started to flirt with him just to make Kimberly jealous. 

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