Ready for anything

this is a story on the mighty morphin power rangers where it is Tammy Hart's first day at Angel Grove high and she has already caught the eye of Tommy Oliver


6. A new danger for the Rangers

The next day in Angel Grove all seems well, until Rita and Lord Zedd sent Bones down to earth to destroy Angel Grove, at this point Tommy, Jason, Zack and Billy where working out while Tammy, Trini and Kimberly where talking about going shopping and boys until Zordon called and said

“The world is in danger again can you teleport up to the command center and I will tell you what the latest monster is and what the dangers are of this new monster Lord Zedd and Rita have sent down”

As the Rangers teleport to the command center they get told about Bones and all the power he has got and how dangerous he can be to them and the world.


When they look at the viewing globe they see once again the damage that one of Rita and Lord Zedd’s monsters have caused only this time the destruction is worse than the last one, so Trini decides to say

“Its morphing time”

 Tommy shouts


Tammy shouts


Zack shouts


Kimberly shouts


Billy shouts


Trini shouts

“Saber-toothed tiger,”

And Jason shouts


Once again they are automatically teleported to the location where Bones is stood but as normal he didn’t come alone he had a squad of putties with him along with Goldar this fight may be tougher than they think.


As the Rangers fight the putties and Goldar, Goldar gets knocked down but with his fear of defeat he turns round and says

“Till the next time Rangers”

With that Goldar and the Putties vanish and leave Bones to fight and take out the Rangers, as Tammy looks round she sees than Bones has moved her and Trini to a new dimension where Bones was stronger than the Rangers, the next two rangers to enter the new dimension was Billy and Zack they was as confused as Tammy and Trini where, after that is was Tommy and Kimberly and the last one was Jason, all the Rangers where in the new Dimension they all where as confused as the other but then Tommy realized that Tammy had been seriously injured and he tried to contact Zordon with no luck, as realized the only was of getting out of this new Dimension was to get Bone’s head and throw it into the larva, when the other rangers do this they all end up back on earth and the first thing they do is get to the command center and find out how Tammy was hurt, Zordon told Tommy and Zack to get Tammy to the hospital cause she could die from the injury she had received as she Morphed in to the Green Ranger.

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