Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


7. The kiss and more

I sat down on Saturday morning and read on for a sample. Niall quickly became restless, but he struggled to not disturb me. Finally I couldn't help but follow him with my eyes and I saw that he had a really bored time in my apartment. 
"Okay .." I mumbled. "Have you any idea?" 
Niall shine directly and smiled at me. 
"Can't we play play truth or dare?" 
I laughed a little bit and put away the book. I saw that he liked the idea and I chose to sit down on the couch. 
"Okay, and what rules apply?" 
Niall gulped and he sat next to me. 
"If you choose the truth, one must tell the truth and chooses dare. You must do that as the other person wants."
I nodded and Niall seemed to like the game more than me. 
"I begin!" he said and laughed a little bit. "I choose truth." 
I sighed and thought about what I would say. 
"How many girls have you had sex with?" 
Niall blushed immediately and I saw that he was trying to think. 
"You mean the ones that I have done it with or the ones I have flirted with?" 
"Only sex!"
It looked as if Niall began to count and he seemed to have to think carefully. 
"I think I've been with between eighty and one hundred girls, but I think I've forgotten many of the girls."
I was breathless, yet I wasn't surprised. 
"Are you serious?" 
Niall laughed lightly and I saw that he was equally surprised. 
"I'm beginning to understand why you point out that I should stop." 
I nodded and was pleased that he still realized something. 
"Okay, I also chooses Truth!" 
Niall grinned contentedly. 
"How many guys have you had?" 
I blushed and realized even more differences between us. 
I immediately saw that Niall was startled. He just stared at me and it was as if he thought I was crazy. 
"You mean you've only been with one guy?" 
I nodded and swallowed. 
"He took my virginity, so it only happened once." 
Niall just gaped. 
"Not wonder you don't want a guy. You don't know how wonderful it can be to be close." 
I laughed. 
"Closeness? You're just looking for sex?"
He blushed immediately and sighed. 
"Well maybe, but it's nice and I love when the girl enjoy it all." 
I sighed. 
"Maybe because you think you are the king, then you brag all the time about how good you are?" 
He nodded and changed the subject directly. 
"Truth again." 
I looked at him for a long time, thinking. 
"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" 
Niall smiled. 
"Fifteen years old. I did it with a girl behind a bush and it was anything but okay. I did it and regretted it."
"Then you understand me." I replied quickly. "It's not funny the first time." 
He agreed. 
"But I got a taste for it and you stayed behind." 
I nodded, but then shook my head. 
"I want it to be with the right guy and not with the wrong person again." 
Niall seemed to like the subject. 
"So it will be better if it's with the right guy?" 
I sighed. 
"You're just looking to get me to stop being so resolute?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. 
"I want to get to know you and I want to know how you think." 
"Then I choose dare!" 
He laughed and I saw that he really thinking through the options. 
"Kiss me!"
I was relieved by a knock on the door. I blushed and flew away towards the sofa. I heard that Niall sighed, and he didn't seem to like that we were retarded.


Louis came in and he was surprised when Niall sat on my couch. 
"We hang out as friends." I replied. "A long story, but what do you want?" 
Louis laughed uncertainly and looked at us. Then she looked at Niall. 
"I was looking for you. I must ask if you're having a party tonight. I have some girls ..." 
Niall was fast. 
"No, I promised Jenny to have a free weekend." 
Louis became quiet and just stared at me. I was startled and just stared at Niall. He really did what he promised and I was impressed. 
"SO no party?" 
Niall shook his head and he was proud of himself. He stood up and smiled big. 
"I'll be with Jenny this weekend and not at parties. I wont have sex and I'll just take it easy."
Louis hesitated. 
"Okay! So what do I tell the girls?" 
Niall laughed lightly. 
"Take them out yourself?" 
Louis nodded. 
"But they wanted to see you?" 
Niall shook his head and looked at me with a satisfied face. 
"I keep my promises and I will stay here until Sunday evening."


"That felt so good!" shouted Niall when Louis had gone out. He nearly jumped around and I realized it was the first time he had said no. Niall grinned and walked over to his bag. She picked up some wine and smiled at me. 
"I must admit that I brought wine in case you change your mind, but now let's celebrate Niall finally said no." 
I laughed and went into the kitchen. I took out two wine glasses and I was proud of him. 
"You usually don't say no?" 
He agreed and opened the bottle. He poured the wine into the glasses and smiled at me. 
"I really needed this weekend."
I felt like a good friend and we drank together. 
"Congratulations!" I said and tasted the wine. Niall laughed and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You are the only one who has managed to get me to become normal. This feels so good."


We sat on the couch again and immediately looked  Niall at me with bright eyes. 
"You going to kiss me." 
I blushed immediately and I had hoped that he had forgotten that part. 
"But Niall. I told you to stay away from girls?" 
He smiled and moved closer to me. 
"You're not an ordinary girl, Jenny!" 
My whole body was in rebellion. Niall leaned towards me and I felt him gently started kissing me. I felt him fumbling tasted on my lips and finally I answered the kiss. I must admit that my legs became weak, my stomach tingled and I loved his kiss. Niall took his arms lightly around my neck and he pushed me gently against him. I groaned and took my arms around his body. I felt he really loved kissing. I felt unsure if he was aware that he kissed me, but I quickly stopped to ponder more. I felt his tongue and I landed on my back on the couch. Niall lay on top of me and he moaned lightly. He let his hands slide down to my thighs and spread my legs. He landed on my most sensitive part and he had boner. I didn't know what happened. He couldn't stop and I didn't want him to stop. Niall let a hand slide under my butt and he got me to give up all resistance. I took my legs around his waist and I followed his movements. I groaned and I felt the whole I screamed after him. Nialls hand slid inside my panties and he let his hand caress my ass. I whimpered and I was sure that he didn't care if it was me. 


Right as it was, he ended the kiss. Nialls face was red and he was breathing heavily. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw that he wasn't sure. 
"We shouldn't?" 
I swallowed and I wanted to say that I wanted, but I listened to my gut feeling. 
Niall groaned and he didn't seem to like my answer. 
"Jenny, I ..." he pressed himself down on me again and this time he kissed me more intensely. He let his other hand slide inside my dress and up against my breasts. I moaned and I let him touch me. I loved his hands and I couldn't stop to follow him in every movement. I let my hands pulling up his shirt and I stroked his back. Niall whimpered and I felt he pushed himself hard between my legs. I felt him rubbing his dick against me and I just loved the feeling. I wasn't scared and I wasn't thinking about tomorrow. It went so far that I drew of him shirt. Niall took the opportunity to tear off my dress and he let his hands glide over my bare skin. He kissed me again and pulled off my bra. I unbuttoned his pants and he kicked them off. Then we tore our last clothes off and he lay naked on top of me. I was like crazy and I pressed myself against him. Niall continued to kiss me and he let his tongue play with me. I felt that he was excited and I felt the same thing.


Niall put his elbows on either side of my head. He looked straight into my eyes and I felt how he brought his cock towards me. I took my hands tightly around his body and felt him penetrate. I moaned straight out and I whimpered with the entire body. He filled every inch of me and he slid all the way quickly. I saw at Nialls face that he loved it and he groaned against me. It was as if he really wanted to see that it was me that was below him. He closed his eyes and I felt how he started humping against me. At first he was cautious but then he increased his pace. I let my hands caress his skin, and finally I took his face between my hands. I forced him down and I got him to kiss me again. I felt how he got my whole body shaking and he was so perfect in every way. I heard that I was wet between my legs. He bounced hard against me and he flexed every muscle in his body. In the end, he finished everything and I was surprised. I opened my eyes and saw Nialls face. He smiled and let the kiss wander down over my body. He kissed my nipples and got them to react. He sucked on them and hugged them with his hands. The kiss went down over my stomach and down between my legs. I felt his tongue began to play with my clit and right away I cried almost straight out. I took my hands over his head and I moved up against him. Niall let a finger penetrating and direct, he reached my g-spot. I whimpered and I almost spun around. He continued to play with me and he did everything right. When the orgasm came, I shouted straight out. I could feel my whole body shaking like a vibrator and I could feel every part of me just blew up.


Niall sat up and pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He brought his cock towards me and penetrated. Quickly he began to bring it in and out. I felt how he worked with the whole body and he held his hands tight around my legs. He bounced against my body and I saw when he come. Nialls face told me that he came. He shook and he pressed into his dick into me. I could feel it vibrating in me and filled me with his sperm.


Afterwards, he lay exhausted on top of me and he was breathing rapidly. I held my arms around his body and I realized why the girls let him seduce them. I had mixed feelings, and I realized that it would never be the same between us. I was now one in the crowd, and he had managed to seduce me.

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