Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


17. Parents and life

"Niall, I need to talk to you." 
He saw at me that it was something serious. We lay in bed and would sleep, but I didn't want to wait any longer. It hurt not to tell the truth and I felt the tears were close. 
"I have ... Liam ... I mean ..." 
Niall laid on his side and took his arms around my body. 
"Darling, tell me!" 
I closed my eyes. 
"Liam has raped me and he refuses to let me stop working. He will make sure that I don't get a single work in the country and he's looking to just to fuck me." 
I dared not look at Niall and I felt that he sat up. I was finally forced to look at him and his face was red. He didn't look happy and he just stared at me. I gulped and the tears began to flow. 
"Don't be mad at me and I tried to resist, but he was so strong and he ..." 
"Liam?" Niall swallowed. "So he, the fucking idiot, thinks he...?"
Niall flew out of the bed and he quickly took his clothes. 
"I'll be back. Try to sleep." 
I just stared at him. He put down the cell phone and wallet in his pocket. Then he walked out of the room. I heard he went down to the door and left the house. His car drove off quickly and I was empty. What happened?


I put on my robe and went downstairs. I was too alert to sleep and I tried to calm me down. Where had Niall gone  with the car? Did he went to Liam to scold him? I swallowed and was so close to call Nialls mobile phone. I sat on the couch and just waited. 


Several hours later, Niall come home. He parked the car and came back. I stood up and met his gaze directly. He walked up to me and took my face between his hands. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled weakly. 
"You shouldn't be afraid anymore. Tomorrow you staying home. I have ensured that he wont hurt you anymore." 
I frowned. 
"Did you kill him?" 
Niall just kissed me. 
"The less you know, the better. Okay?"


Maura looked at me with curious eyes. She hugged me and pulled directly me to the couch. 
"I've heard so much about you and you are popular already in the family. Heard you're a lawyer and you got my son to calm down." 
She talked on and I looked anxiously at Niall. Niall just smiled and laughed a little bit to me. He raised his eyebrow and was almost amused. 
"Mom, take it easy with her." 
Maura snorted and looked quickly at him. 
"We're having girl talk!"
Niall disappeared with Bobby and they went to see the cars. 
"Niall really love you." said Maura cheerfully. "It feels good that my son has chosen an editing girl., I know what he was doing but I couldn't stop him. Boys will be boys and they have to play by themselves." 
She talked on and I just needed to listen. It was a little hard to just sit there, but I accepted that she continued.


"We'll eat at a restaurant." 
Niall came in to get us. Maura nodded and made ​​sure I went before her out of the house, toward the car. 
"She's prefect!" I heard her whisper to Niall. I blushed and tried not to show that I had heard her. I went to the car and sat in the back seat. Bobby sat behind the wheel, Maura beside him and Niall sat in the back seat with me. He took my hand and smiled with his whole face. 
"So you moved in together?" I heard Bobby ask. Niall nodded quickly. 
"I wont be without Jenny and why should we wait?" 
"When are you getting married?" 
I almost choke on. Niall just laughed and looked amused me. 
"Dad, we haven't talked about it yet."


In the evening, I was tired in the whole body. I threw myself on the bed and just lay there. Niall laughed and came and lay down beside me. 
"You didn't say much, but my mother can talk for two." 
I saw at him that he was in a good mood. He leaned over me and kissed me lightly. 
"I love you!" 
I smiled and took my arms around his shoulders. I pulled him towards me and kissed him more. Niall groaned and took his arms around my body. He lay down on top of me. I kissed him with all my heart and I felt that he was excited . He moaned lightly and pulled easily up my dress . He let his hand slip back inside my panties and he began to caress me . I moaned and spread my legs . His fingers moved prefect over my clit and I moaned against his lips. Niall continued, and he let two fingers penetrating. I whimpered against him and quickly pulled up his shirt. I made ​​him take it off and he pulled down his pants. I tore my panties off and showed the whole body that I wanted him. Niall sat down under me and he lifted my legs. He stroked me a little longer with the hand and made me to almost lose control. I felt he penetrated and directly I moaned loudly.
"Take me hard Niall!"
He grinned slightly and he was red all over the face. I saw that he was ready for anything. He bent down over me, so that I was double under him. He placed his elbows on either side of my shoulders, and then he began rapidly pumping in and out of me. I screamed almost straight out. He kissed me and I felt that he increased the pace . He kissed me hard and he worked hard over my body. It was as if he didn't get enough and he did everything so that I would be satisfied.


I rode Niall fast. I sat with my back against him and felt his hands helped keep the pace. I was like crazy and I moved quickly on the body. Niall groaned loudly and I felt that he was almost about to come. right as it was, he forced me to drop out of him. He brought me up against him, so that my clitoris ended up above his face. He started licking me and I almost sat on his face. I started me down over his dick and did the same for him. I had never sucked a guy before, but I tested. I let his dick slide into my mouth and Niall responded with the entire body. He almost bit me between my legs and I moaned higher. He made ​​me stop to think and in the end I came. I screamed almost straight out and I felt his tongue perfectly moved over the area. I shook the and I felt myself explode several times. I was still sucking him off. I let his cock slip into my mine and I moved quickly on my head. Niall groaned and finally he came. He filled my mouth and I could feel him shaking.


We showered and I blushed. 
"I've never done it before." 
Niall laughed and made ​​sure I was clean. 
"Some time should be the first. Thanks darling that you did it. It was wonderful."

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