Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


8. One in the crowd

When I woke in the morning wasn't Niall there. His bag was gone and all that was his. I felt a lump grew in me and I realized that I had been abused. I wanted to cry, but at the same time I was too proud. I chose to leave the bed, take a shower. Then I sat down and studied all day. I went through all the books and I tried not to think about Niall.


The week was a nightmare. I was sitting in class and I just had Niall in my head. I saw him smiling in front of me and actually I should have realized from the start that he only wanted to have sex. I could hardly do the exam that week, but was approved. I lived in the shadow of my old self and my whole world had fallen apart.


On Friday, everyone gathered in the pub. When Niall came in, did I everything to avoid him and he did the same thing to me. I chose to talk to Louis and Harry. It felt atleast a little more normal. 
"What's with Niall?" wondered Harry end. "He just sits there?" 
Louis giggled lightly. 
"Soon he's okay again and he will chase girls again. Maybe he has been sick?" 
I couldn't say anything. I didn't look at Niall and I felt like an idiot. It was as if everyone was wondering the same thing, but I had the answer. Or had I? I myself wasn't sure of his cause. Maybe it really had happened something other, and that he was down? I couldn't still bother. Instead, I went with Zayn and Perrie to the bar. I got a drink and we talked about everything. 
"We're going on holiday together," giggled Perrie. "Zayn will take me to Spain." 
I smiled and was happy for them. 
"What fun!" 
Zayn agreed and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. 
"It's as if we've known each other for a lifetime and we know everything about each other." 
I smiled and was still happy that they had found each other. Perrie and Zayn was proof that love was and that it could pop up everywhere.

Liam came over to us and he took his arm around my shoulder. 
"Niall doesn't want to have a party at home. Is there anyone who is keen to keep up with me?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"I must go home." 
Liam shook his head quickly. 
"Jenny, you're with me." He then looked at the lovers. "And you're going to my home, it was a long time ago I invited people home and it would be an honor."


Liam lived in a rich area. He had a nice house, but more normal when it's compared with Nialls house. He had the pool in the back and everything was new. 
"What kind of business do you have?" Zayn asked him curiously. I stood on the balcony and looked out over the dark yard. 
"I buy companies that aren't worth anything you could say." said Liam. "I renovate the premises and then sell them at a profit to larger companies." 

I frowned and looked at him. 
"Can you make money on that?" 
Liam laughed and gave me a wine glass. He poured wine into it, and nodded with satisfaction. 
"Of course you can! You can make money on everything, only you know where the contacts are." 
I raised a brow. 
"And you get into a lot of money on that?"
Liam nodded and he smiled at me. 
"One day, maybe I can hire you as my lawyer?" 
I laughed lightly. 
"No thanks, I want to defend the weak in society and you aren't weak." 
He raised his eyebrow. 
"You will make lots of money?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"I'm not interested in money. I want to work to make a difference in society, in the world."
Louis seemed curious about me and he came over to us. 
"You mean you don't want to be rich?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"Take Niall as an example. He has all the money in the world but he's not happy for it. I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable."
Harry was directly with me. 
"I'm probably like you Jenny!" 
I smiled at him. 
"I think everyone can choose their own path, but the portion may have more luck. I have had to fight, but I know I will succeed."


I was glad to have been with friends. When I took the taxi home I realized that I wouldn't be down more. I had friends, I still had my goals in life and I was on my way there.






Hope you read and like this story.

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