Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


15. Lies and falsehood

Liam had already completed an office for me. I got a room near him and he had canceled all that was needed. 
"We have no secretary here, but a switchboard operator., She takes care of the calls that come in and the other stuff you care for." 
I had no idea what I had expected. I saw the desk, the chair behind it. The laptop was on the desktop. I had a bookshelf, a file cabinet, and in front of my desk stood two chairs. 
"You will be working directly under me." smiled Liam. "There will be many late nights and I expect you to do your best."
I nodded a little bit. He stood at my window and looked out. 
"How is it between you and Niall?" 
I was startled and frowned. 
"My private life has nothing to do with my job?" 
Liam spun around and looked at me. I noted that he still wanted to know everything. 
"Well, your private life concerns me. I want to know everything about the people I employ." 
I swallowed. 
"I'm fine with Niall and me." 
Liam laughing easily. 
"I'm surprised that he has been faithful for so long." He started walk toward the door. "And if you have problems at home, I want to know." 
He spun around and smiled at me. 
"Do you feel bad at home, you will feel bad at your job."


I got in some folders from different locations at the company. It took some time before I understood what it was about. Liam wanted all the contract would be made legal. I would go through all the contracts and make sure they were waterproof. I worked pretty fast for being new to the job, and when the afternoon came, Liam popped up again. He smiled at me and looked down at my desk. 
"So you have some to do?" 
I nodded and looked up at him. He came up to me and seemed almost happy that I sat there. 
"Jenny, tonight I have dinner with some clients. I want you to come with me." 
I sighed. 
"But what ..." 
He raised his eyebrows and cut me off. 
"You can't say no to your boss. Determines and call home and tell him you'll be late."


Okay! I didn't understand why Liam wanted with me. His clients were talking about things I had no clue about and all I did was to sit on a chair. I tried to look interested and I was trying to teach me something. Right as it was, I felt Liam's hand on my thigh and I froze. I would remove it when he gave me a dirty look and made me hesitate. I knew he was going to use me to the fullest. His hand caressed my thigh half the night and I just wanted to puke.


"Why the hell do you touch my thigh?" I hissed when the guests went to the toilet. Liam smiled and leaned his lips against my ear. 
"I will seduce you and I intend to see that you chose me.I have been watching you a long time and now you soon will be mine." 

I wanted to slug him, but I couldn't in the midst of all the people. 
"No thanks!" I replied cold. "I love Niall and I ..." 
Liam laughing cold. 
"You know what he's doing while you're here? Maybe he's at home and fuck the others?" 
I wanted to go. 
"No, I trust him." 
Liam just smiled with amusement and he seemed not to care about my words. 
"As I understand it you are good in bed and he bragged about you. If he wants to be faithful why do he telling all  that you have a gorgeous pussy?" 
I was speechless. It didn't sound like Niall, but still I wondered if Liam told me the truth?
"You lie!" 
Liam smiled and shook his head. He put his hand back on my thigh and let it caress me over the skin. 
"I never lie about women, money, and truth." 
I swallowed. I was scared and I just wanted to go home. I tried to collect myself. Liam let his hand slide and caress the inside of my thigh. He grinned and he was satisfied. 
"Niall said you were tight. It's my kind of girl and I like tight holes."


As soon as I got inside Nialls door, I was furious. I pressed him almost up against the wall. 
"Why do you go around and brag that I'm a good fuck?" 
Niall looked like a question mark. 
I swallowed and looked coldly into his eyes. 
"Liam said you have told that I have a narrow hole., I have been sitting with his clients and he has whispered all sorts of dirty things to me. Among other things, you wont be faithful. Who the hell is lying?" 
Niall looked frightened. 
"I've never talked about how you are in bed. I haven't even mentioned at we have sex." 
I was so mad I didn't listen. 
"Are you sure about that, I mean, he told me that you said that my pussy is perfect to fuck." 
Niall blushed quickly. 
"I don't even use those words."
He took his arms around me and hugged me tightly. 
"Please, darling, I haven't said a single word about you. I have just told them that I love you and that I want to be with you forever." 
He got me to calm me down. I swallowed and realized it was Liam who lied. I wondered immediately why I had believed in his words, yet I felt insecure. 
"I love you Niall and I don't just want to be a ..." 
Niall kissed me to get me to be quiet. I felt his lips against mine and he finished it when he noticed that I was calm. 
"I love you and I wont say or had said those word to him. I once said that I love you, but that's all."


I realized that Liam wasn't the person I thought. When I came to work, he was quick to get into my room and he stood by my side. He leaned across the desk and I felt his hand caress my back. Direct I stood up and looked at him coldly. 
"You don't touch me!" 
He grinned and looked down over my clothes. 
"Well, I can touch you because I know everything about you." 
I shook my head quickly. 
"You don't have any idea about anything." 
Liam grinned up even more and took a few steps toward me. 
"Well, I know you're such a girl that I like and I like your approach to everything." 
I backed off and he continued to walk towards me. When I felt the wall against my back, he took his hands around my waist and pushed me up against the wall. 
"I can buy anything and I can get what I want. I can pay for sex and I intend to pay so that you will be mine." 
"You can't buy me."
Liam pulled up my dress and pushed his boner against me. He moaned and I felt that he rubbed himself against me. 
"Well, come on!" he hissed hoarsely. "Niall bought you!" 
I tried to get free, but he held me tight. 
"Niall hasn't bought me. I love him and there's genuine love between us." 
Liam grinned and continued to push me up against the wall. I felt his lips on my neck and I was disgusted. 
"I scream, if you continue." 
Liam groaned and let a hand slide down over my back and into inside my panties. 
"Nobody is going to save you. Your room is soundproof." 
I got scared. I was genuinely scared and I had no idea what I would do. Liam continued and finally he tore off my panties. He unbuttoned his fly and took out his big cock. I shook off fears, and looked toward the door.
I felt how he took his hands under my butt and he lifted me up. I felt how he took his big dick to me and I immediately began to scream. I cried with my whole body, but none came. Instead he penetrate and I felt how he filled every inch of me. He had a big cock and I screamed out because of it. 
"Just shut up!" hissed Liam and he held his hands tightly over my butt. He pushed all the way in and he groaned aloud. I continued to scream. Liam grinned and began humping against me. I felt he moved his hips and it wasn't long until he was pounding me into the wall. I felt how he worked with the whole body and I gave up. No one could save me and no one would believe me.

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