Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


5. Friends

When we entered the dinning aria, did Niall so that we ended up at a perfect table, so that he had views over all who entered into the room. Niall ordered our food and he looked pleased. 
"So how did it goes with the girl?" I asked, because I hated the silence. Niall raised an eyebrow and just looked at me. 
"What girl?" 
I laughed lightly and knew that he had already forgotten her. 
"I was with you and bought underwear?" 
Niall understood who I was referring to. He laughed a little bit and poked his fingers over the table edge. 
"No, there was nothing. She was pretty boring and I got tired." 
I sighed. 
"It was on Monday that ..." 
He interrupted me. 
"And school, how's it going?" 
He changed the subject. I wasn't surprised and I smiled at him.
"So now you're wondering how things are going at school? Thank you that you ask me about it and things are going well. I'm studying and I'm struggling, but I have a goal." 
He snorted and let his eyes drift around the room. He looked relaxed and he wasn't interested in my life. 
"I met Zayn." he said instead and smiled slightly askew. "He's along with Perrie?" 
I nodded and actually, I was happy for her. 
"Yes, they met at your party and I think they fit together." 
Niall laughed and looked at me. He was amused by the subject. 
"Love doesn't exist." he said confidently. "It's about that man has needs and that you are looking for others with the same needs." 
I already knew that he neither believed in love or life long relationship. Full Niall believed in short solutions and he didn't plan for tomorrow. 
"I'm still happy for them."
I saw at Niall that he didn't share my opinion. 
"I promise you that they will break up." he said. I shook my head and looked at him. 
"No, I think they will be faithful to each other." 
He just laughed. 
"I bet that before the month is over, he will get tire of her." 
I was sure about the opposite. 
"Okay, and the one of us who wins?" 
Niall liked the topic and he leaned over the table. He looked straight into my eyes. 
"If I win, you are my slave Friday to Sunday. If you wins I will come home to you and I promise to obey you Friday to Sunday."
I took his hand and he took mine in his. 
"Okay!" I said. "When the month is over, I will have won." 
Niall giggled and he nodded. 
"You will like to be my slave!" 
I raised one eyebrow. 
"You will lose."


The food was really good and I must admit that Niall really relaxed. We talked about general things and he was a regular guy. He laughed and he tried not to talk too much about himself. Right as it was he saw some girls who came into the dinning area and direct them he devoted them more attention. I quickly looked at them and realized why. They had short dresses and looked like models. 
"Come to daddy!" Niall mumbled and smiled at them. I sighed, and I knew that he wouldn't drop the idea of ​​seducing them. 
"Should I go?" 
Niall looked at me again and shook his head quickly. 
"Jenny, I just look at them." 
I sighed. I knew how he worked, and I was right. It took him five minutes, then sat the girls at our table and he was flirting with them. I saw how Niall managed to catch them and he used all the charm he had. He made them laugh and he got them to be seen. I finally got tired of sitting there and got up. 
"I must go!" 
Niall looked quickly at me and nodded weakly. 
"See you this weekend?" 
I sighed and just shook my head at him. I chose not to answer, and I took my bag. I went from there and the last I heard was how the girls laughed at his jokes.


I couldn't help but smile. Perrie had taken me to Zayns apartment and I saw how much they loved each other. I walked around and looked at his framed artwork. He was good at what he did and I liked his strong colour choices. 
"I have been painting since I was little." said Zayn and he was really a nice guy. "You can get one if you want?" 
I was startled and spun around to see him. 
"Are you serious?" 
Zayn blushed and nodded a little bit. 
"Thanks to you, I met Perrie." 
My heart was warm. I hugged him and nodded. 
"Thank you!" 
Then I pointed to one of his paintings. 
"I want that one."


On Friday, all met at the pub. It had been a good week and I had passed the exam. Niall was flirting as usual and he was more with foreign girls than with his own buddies. I noticed that Eleanor sat near Louis and did everything to catch his attention. Harry was just tired. Perrie and Zayn sat and were close together. It felt like a good Friday and I smiled at them. 
"So no party this weekend?" I heard someone say. I lifted my eyes and saw Liam come to the table. He was one of the rich guys, and he owned a company. Liam was one of the new rich guys in the country. He had started with two empty hands and now his company was worth more than I could have imagined. 
"No, not this weekend." I replied and hugged him. "Good to see you!" 
He smiled at me and sat down on one of the chairs. 
"I had nothing to do, so I suspected that you were here. Where's Niall?" 
All pointed towards Niall. He sat at a table with two girls and he was flirting with both. 
"Okay,,,!" Liam mumbled and laughed a little bit. "Niall is as always right in the middle?"


I was about to leave the pub when Niall caught up with me. 
"Aren't you going with us, to my home?" 
I sighed. 
"I'm tired." 
He smiled and took his arms around my body. He hugged me from behind and put his lips close to my ear. 
"Please Jenny." he whispered sweet. "Liam and the others are going to my place and you're going with us. You can sleep in the guest room?"
He quickly kissed my cheek and smiled big. 
"I do not want you to go home now." 
I saw that Perrie would come along to Nialls house and I sighed lightly. 
Niall giggled and hugged me a little extra. 
"Thank you, my dear friend!"


I sat next to Perrie and Zayn on the couch. Niall had brought the two girls with him and he sat and flirted with them. Liam talked about the week had been. I saw that Eleanor was still interested in Louis, but Louis didn't seem to care. Instead, he sat and talked with Harry.


"You want beer, wine, or something else?" Niall exclaimed and stood up. "I bought a few bottles of expensive wine. Does anybody want some?" 
Louis looked up at him and nodded. Niall was pleased and took that as a yes. He disappeared off and then came back with wine glasses and several bottles. I looked at him as he poured the wine in the glass and he was in great spirits. He held out the first glass to me and looked into my eyes. 
"You sleep here, so drink!" 
I smiled and nodded. I sipped wine and listened to everyone else. Niall sat between the girls again and he kept his arms around them. I knew I would get to sleep to the sound of them in his bedroom. I began to wonder if I really would stay there.


I was right! I slept in the guest room and the only thing I heard was groan from the girls. I heard Niall and I heard what they did. In the end, I put a big pillow over my ears and I managed to fall asleep. I didn't understand why he always made ​​me say yes. I shouldn't be so easily controlled and I should go on my gut feeling.


Niall laying out a great breakfast and I saw everything from eggs to food. I sat down and noted that we were alone in the kitchen. 
"Where are your two girls?" 
He laughed and sat down on the other side of the table. 
"They went home. I couldn't cope with them when we were clear."
I sighed and saw at him that he wasn't telling the whole truth. 
"Please, Niall, why are you like this?" 
He looked bewildered. 
"What do you mean?" 
I smiled rather sheepishly and looked down at my plate. 
"You take the girls home and use them. Have you got no feelings? Can't you just be friends with them and let them be?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"I can keep me away, but they always come up to me. I can't help that girls love my body." 
I saw at him that he didn't believe his own words. 
"Say No? Have you tried that?" 
Niall met my gaze and became serious. 
"You mean I should just quit?"
I nodded.
"Try to be away from them for a week and feel how it is. Grab something to do at the day and do something with your life?"
He laughed.
"Can't you see I'm living life? I do something every day and I ..."
I interrupted him.
"Niall, I'm serious."
He sighed and gave me a quick glance.
"I will try then? Are you happy then?"
I smiled and nodded.
"Maybe you can get a job, you've got an education?"
He quickly shook his head.
"I don't want to work. I have money and I don't need to toil."

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