Paid happiness

"You can buy everything for money!" he said. I knew he was right, but he couldn't buy me. He couldn't buy my love or my respect. I was one of the few that went against his opinion. I went against the flow.


2. Friends have come

I sat at the computer and was reading into the sample. I would have an exam and I knew that I had to learn everything by heart. Maybe I wasn't the one who had it easy in school, but I wanted to be something. I had goals in life and I wanted to do something that I would be remembered for. I had high ambitions and many times were all tired of me.


The door floated up and Niall came into my apartment. He never knocked on the door and he knew that I wasn't angry. 
"Are you coming?" 
I was startled and just stared at him. He understood that I didn't know what he was talking about and as always, he laughed at me. 
"I'm having a party tonight and you have no choice. I want you to come!" 
I sighed and gave him a cold stare. 
"You know I have to study." 
He snorted and came up to me. He looked down in my books and raised his eyebrows. 
"Why do you need to know about such things?"
I looked pointedly at him and met his gaze. 
"It's called the law! You know, laws that hold society together?" 
He smiled rather sheepishly and he still didn't understand that it was important for me. 
"Hire a lawyer if you get into trouble, I mean, I can do it without such information and see where I am? On top of society?" 
I closed the book and looked at him again. 
"Was that all you wanted?" 
He laughed and nodded. He walked over to my closet and opened it. He was rummaging through my clothes and then pulled out a dress. 
"You have to get ready now. The others are waiting for us."
I was annoyed. 
"I didn't say yes?" 
He laughed and looked at me again. He held up the dress and showed that I had no choice. 
"It will be fun." he said with that cheerful voice. "You can spend tomorrow over those books." 
I knew he wasn't taking no for an answer. I knew he wouldn't give up. Therefore, I stood up and tore the dress from him. 
"You always get what you want?" 
He nodded and walked around my apartment. I had only one room, kitchen and toilet, so it went pretty fast to look at my stuff. I stripped off my shirt and pants. Niall and I had been friends for so long that we had time to see the most of each other. I wasn't ashamed to show myself to him, but only if he didn't get any crazy ideas. I put on the dress and he stood behind my back. He zipped up and was satisfied. 
"Harry will come, Eleanor will come and that guy who paints art." 
I sighed and straightened my hair. 
"His name is Zayn and he's your friend." 
Niall snorted and waved lightly with his hand in the air. 
"I know so many people that I don't remember all the names." 
"Do you know my name?" 
He laughed. 
"Now, you silly. I'm your closest friend and of course I wont forget your name, Ann?" 
He had a twinkle in his eye and I knew he was pulling my leg.
"Haha!" I was stupid of me and looked at him. "Seriously, how many will come to you tonight?" 
He showed that he had no idea. 
"It will still be fun. Who cares who they are?" 
I sighed. 
"You let strangers go to your home and you let them in the door. Someday someone will kill you or take everything you own." 
He grinning. 
"Sounds great!" 
I sighed and put on a pair of shoes with heels. 
"You're crazy!" 
He was satisfied and went to the door. 
"You're actually grateful you're my friend." he said quickly. "I know you love me and if you want you can kiss my feet tonight." 
I just sighed and followed him out.


Niall had chosen a sports car. I jumped into the passenger side and he landed well behind the steering wheel. I took the belt around me and knew that he would now drive rapidly. Niall didn't care about speeds and he didn't care that the police often stopped him. 
"Louis was talking about that he would come." 
I wondered why he always recited the obvious people. 
"And all the girls?" 
Niall giggled and pressed the gas down. 
"Yes, given the way lots of girls!" 
I sighed and held my breath. I was scared when Niall was driving the car. I knew that an accident would happen one day, but at the same time I didn't dare say no. I didn't want to go home to him and risk being robbed.


The party was already in full swing. Niall had just left everyone to pick me up. Niall always gathered together the closest friends and it was as if we gave him a false sense of security. I jumped out of the car and followed him toward the house. He made sure the guard closed the gates to the yard, and then he laughed at me. 
"Admit that you love to come here?" 
I sighed. I joined just to make sure nothing happened. I had begun to be tire of his events and I wasn't the one who loved to see his assets. 
He opened the door to the house and immediately I saw people I barely knew. The girls saw him and immediately some approached us. Niall laughed and kissed them all at the same time. Then he disappeared in amongst all the guests and I only heard his laughter echoing through the room.

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