Out Of Focus (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

My name is Adelaide. I'm 17and I'm a pretty average, cliched teen. I'm ignored in school, I'm a loaner, all that shit. But there's this band that has saved me more than once. One Direction. My life will change so much in the past few years, and I don't even know it.


1. Chapter One: Brightening Up

"Addie?" My friend Chrissy asked me over the phone. She was a bit too ecstatic, if you know what I mean.

"What's up, Chrissy?" Chrissy had been my best friend since we were in diapers.

"Well, I have absolutely very exciting news," she announced. "I got tickets to-."

"Chrissy! Tell me! You have got to tell me. I'm your best friend."

"I GOT TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION IN LA!!!" She basically screamed over the phone.

L.A. I've been dreaming about going to L.A. my whole life. This is it, I thought. My one and only chance to get out of here.

"So did you just call me to tell me you got tickets to my heroes or are you bringing me?"

"I'm bringing you, dumbass," she said. "Duh!!"

"Ok, well tell your mom to text my dad the details and call me later."

"Ok," she responded. "Bye. Call you later." We hung up.

Oh my gosh. I'm meeting One Direction. This is my life wish, my dream.

"Dad," I yelled, running down the stairs. "I'm meeting One Direction!!!"

"That's great, honey," my dad sighed.

My dad has been depressed, severely, since my mom died in a car crash two years ago. Ever since then, it's been me and my dad.

"I'm really happy for you, sweetie."

My dad's phone dinged. Chrissy's mom, I guessed.

"So you're going with Chrissy?" My dad questioned. He looked at his phone when it dinged another time. "To L.A.? Are you sure? I don't want-."

I stopped him by putting a comforting hand on his. "Dad, I'll be extremely safe. What happened to mom won't happen to me. I promise you that."

He started to get tears in his eyes. "Ok, sweetie. You can go. How much money do I need to give you?"

"I have at least 100 bucks." That's right, I've been saving.

"Ok." He got up from the kitchen counter and walked to his bedroom, coffee in hand.

Shoot, it's 7:15 AM. School starts in a hour. Great, another day of torture.

XxHey y'all!! How do you like it so far? Let me know in the comments!!Xx

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