The Lost Daughter of Katerina Petrova

Katherine receives the surprise of her existence when she is encountered by her daughter whom she never met. She is still alive. Well... Undead. After the unfortunate event of Katherine's regained mortality she willingly agrees to be her daughter's personal slave in the hopes of becoming a vampire again. Will Katherine have everything she ever wanted and finally be happy?


3. Chapter 3


After I freed my mother from the binding shackles we walked out onto the streets, all the confidence that she used to have. GONE.

I had the power, I am stronger, faster. The younger and hotter daughter. It was nightfall, people stared, non of them so far that I had bumped in to being vampires. And even if they did show, I wouldn't let anyone touch my mother. But Katerina was still nervous, I could clearly hear her fragile human heart thumping in her chest, maybe when she ages she could die of a natural heart attack being so weak and timid all the time.

"Let's go to the mystic grill" I suggested. "Most definitely not" she gasped. "Oh, no? Well then why don't we just cut to the chase and take the quickest route to the Salvatore boarding house? I bet Damon would love a visit." Her eyes widened, while I lifted an eyebrow. "I'm actually quite keen to see how fast it will take them to realise that in a matter of a second they could kill you." I smirked.

She smiled half heartedly, "Mystic Grill it is then.."


We both stepped inside, "recognise anyone?" I whispered, she scanned the room "thankfully not" she took a few staggering steps, I linked my arm through hers, "Lets drown away your sorrows with a drink shall we?"

After her fourth shot I could see that it hit her a bit more then it usually would if she were a vampire.

"Katherine! What are you doing back here. Jesus I'm going to kill you-" a feminine childlike voice spat from behind us.

Oh the doppelganger, Elena. Oh joy- not.

I grabbed and crushed her wrist under my elegantly painted nails, she grunted. "Take one more shot at trying to kill her and maybe il end up killing you and everyone you love in the process." I said under gritted teeth.

"Who are you?" Elena spat.

"A guardian angel, sent from heaven to guide Katherine onto the road of redemption. " I replied mockingly. She rolled her eyes clearly not buying it. I let go of her wrist.

"Nadia, Nadia Petrova"

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