The Lost Daughter of Katerina Petrova

Katherine receives the surprise of her existence when she is encountered by her daughter whom she never met. She is still alive. Well... Undead. After the unfortunate event of Katherine's regained mortality she willingly agrees to be her daughter's personal slave in the hopes of becoming a vampire again. Will Katherine have everything she ever wanted and finally be happy?


2. Chapter 2


I awoken to strange rattling sounds, my head thudding to all the clanging that these... shackles made...?

Shackles..? That is so 1900's.

Why can't I get out!?

I started to panic, why couldnt i break these chains. As I tried to shake them off the jingling was too much to bear, the thudding in my head really hurt.

"Greetings Katerina" a girl with striking features oddly simillar to mine strutted in, this.. cellar!? I was so focused on getting the chains off that I didnt even dream to check where i was.

"WHY CANT I GET OUT OF THESE CHAINS?" I asked cautiously, "Who are you, how do you know my name?"

"Katerina, ... Katerina, ... Katerina" the girl paused, she looked at me curiously. "Answer me, you weirdo" I spat, she gripped my jaw, crushing it under her elegantly painted nails. "You shouldn't be losing your temper with me. Your freedom has been taken away from you. And at this point if your not a nice little kitten I will not grant it back to you. "

I was so confused, I cocked my head to the side "And what makes you think that?" Her eyes darted into mine, her glare unlike anything id ever seen, her features softened and then formed an evil smirk.

"Because i dont know if you realised but...

Your human."

My heart thudded in my chest. Wow, ok then! "I bet you're freaking out right now" she giggled sarcastically. "But that's only 1 shocking discovery down. Now, 1 more to go." she continued on, with me still chained in shock and total anger.

How could I be human? Im so vulnerable now! AAHH.

"My name is Nadia, I was born in 1490, occupation: undead/vampire. Most significant detail: continued the Petrova bloodline."

I didn't hear anything she was saying, I didn't have time to listen to her meaningless words, what am I going to do about me!?.

"KATERINA DID YOU HEAR ANYTHING I JUST SAID!?" The girl seemed very pissed off. She pulled a seat from the corner of the room.

"No I did not, because if you didn't notice I only have one thing on my mind right now and that is about my mortality, you know my name but i don't think you personally know anything about me." I snarled.

"Oh really, ive been watching over you these past 400 years. I know everything." "If you think you know everything," i challenged "Tell me something i dont know."

She stood up and put the chair back in the corner, and started to pace the room slowly. I was running out of patience, but hearing the devastating news of how i was no longer a vampire i new that there was nothing i could do about it, for now, until she released me and snapped her neck, that is.

"I will start again." she finally told me. "And listen very closely because Im only going to explain this once more." I stared at her and breathed "Go on..."

"I was born in 1490. Occupation undead. Changed in 1506 by... (well thats not important)."

I interrupted her train of thought "Where is this going? You've told me this bunch of useless information. Tell me, how does this concern me?"

"My name is Nadia... Petrova, And you are my mother."

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