The Lost Daughter of Katerina Petrova

Katherine receives the surprise of her existence when she is encountered by her daughter whom she never met. She is still alive. Well... Undead. After the unfortunate event of Katherine's regained mortality she willingly agrees to be her daughter's personal slave in the hopes of becoming a vampire again. Will Katherine have everything she ever wanted and finally be happy?


1. Chapter 1

"Have a nice human life Katherine" Elena, the doppelgänger said as she ran out of the school, leaving a trail of wind behind her. Leaving my mother, the once Katerina Petrova unconscious on the floor.

I came out from around the corner my four-inch ankle boots clicking on the linoleum with every step I took. I bent over her and looked at her very closely as she was still asleep. I admired her beauty; I don't think I can even remember a time where I was this close to my mother.

As I crouched, hovering over her body I carefully wiped the blood off her bottom lip. Scars and battle wounds aren't pretty on a girl you know.

"Hi mom" I whispered.

I was already out the school in a second Katerina limp in my arms.

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