being different

Luna always knew she was different, normal kids didn't turn into animals, make things come to them, or any of the other things she did. It was a simple fact of her life she accepted it and tried to fit in the best she could for sixteen years. One day her mom tells her to pack her things, she found a school that are for children like Luna. So Luna is shipped off to Katsgrad boarding school for "Gifted" children. But even as she struggles with her classes, new friends, and boys; she realizes she is still very different. She isn't the only one to realizes this either and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on her.


2. new girl

I stood on the in front of my new school, bags on the ground, schedule in hand and no idea what to do.

"Bye Luna, be good." my mom said as she and my brother drove away. Not I love you, or we are going to miss you but be good. Thats what she always said, because in her eyes I was always bad it wasn't my fault I had these powers. Not that she cared, when she found a school for children like me she happily signed me up and dropped me off.  I sighed and looked at the paper in my hand. Hello and welcome to Katsgrad boarding school for gifted children! was written across the top. 

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as a girl with light brown hair and pretty grey eyes ran up to me.

"Hi! Oh my gosh are you the new girl? Did you get your schedule yet? Whats your name? I'm Lilac you can call me Lie! Where are your parents? Did they leave already? Don't feel bad my dad did the same thing my first day." she said really fast. I was saved from answering by a tall blond haired boy with blue eyes.

"Don't bombard her Lie, you will make her head explode with out even trying." He said leaning an arm on the shorter girl's head. "Name's Dean," he said turning to me, "don't worry about Lie to much its like she ate a hundred pixy sticks." Lilac crossed her arms and did a playful pout. I smiled at both of them.

"My name is Luna, and I don't mind if your wild." I said, hopeing it was the right thing to say. I only had one friend back at home, so I wasn't so good at the whole social thing. It must have been because the next thing I knew, Lilac was hugging me and yelling happily. "Umm you wouldn't happen to know the way to admissions would you?" I asked when Dean had finally pried the girl off of me.

"Well duh! Come on Ill bring you!" Lilac said pulling me towards the building.

"W-wait my bags." I said looking back at the three discarded bags on the ground. 

"Got it." Dean said scooping them up and following us. As Lilac pulled me along hallways chattering a mile a minute looked around. Kids crowed around lockers talking to each other, it looked pretty much like my old school except for the uniforms. As I looked around I made eye contact with a cute looking boy with bight green eyes. He flipped his longish brown hair and gave me a wide smile.

"That's Ryan." Lilac said seeing who I was looking at. "He is part fairy, and he loves to alter reality or what ever he does. I wouldn't trust my eyeballs around him." 

"Your eyeballs?"  She nodded like people said that kind of thing every day. Not that I would know. I could see the sign for the admissions office when a boy stepped in front of Lilac and I. He had stuffy brown hair and large dark brown eyes. 

"Out of my way dog-boy!" Lilac hissed, instead of looking discouraged or upset he gave her a wolfish smile. 

"Cill cat-girl I'm not interested in you right now, I smelled something good and it just happened to be the pretty new girl." I felt myself blush a little as he called me pretty. 

"As if she would be interested in a mutt."

"How would you know? Can you read minds now?"

"Maybe I can!" 

"Oh really, What am I thinking of then?" 

"Tacos!" she said with out hesitation. His eyes widened but then he scoffed. 

"That was a lucky guess." 

"Not really your always thinking about food, that's the one way we are the same." She said with a laugh. 

"Yeah I guess your right about that cat-girl," he said laughing with her, "Any ways the name's Chris, Ill be seeing you around new girl." He said winking at me and walking away.

"And he is?" I asked as Lilac began pulling me along again.

"Chris, he is your typical cocky, high class werwolf, I make it my job to knock him down a couple pegs. You don't get every thing you want in life you know?" I was glad we made it to the office without any more problems. The headmaster was already waiting for me so I was swept away as soon as we stepped in. I sat in a large chair and shifted uncomfortably as the headmaster looked at me.  

"Your name is Luna right?" He finally asked.

"Yes sir Luna Raven." I replied. 

"Alright Miss. Raven, has your mother explained how our school works?" When I shook my head he sighed. "I see, well this school is to help people like you learn how to control their powers and use them for the greater good. Do you know what all powers you posses?"

"Umm i think so... I'm not suppose to use them though." I said softly. 

"Miss Raven you needn't worry about the rules of the outside world, this place is different. Learning how to control your powers is the best thing for you, do you understand?" 

"Yes sir," I said nodding.

"Good," he said handing me a key, " This is your room key, I believe you have already met your roommate Miss Lilac Byner?" I nodded again. "Very good that is all you may go. Oh and welcome to Katsgrad Miss Raven."



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