being different

Luna always knew she was different, normal kids didn't turn into animals, make things come to them, or any of the other things she did. It was a simple fact of her life she accepted it and tried to fit in the best she could for sixteen years. One day her mom tells her to pack her things, she found a school that are for children like Luna. So Luna is shipped off to Katsgrad boarding school for "Gifted" children. But even as she struggles with her classes, new friends, and boys; she realizes she is still very different. She isn't the only one to realizes this either and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on her.


7. More characters!!!!

HHHHEEEEYYYYY :) More characters yaaaaaay!!!! Do you guys like that I show you what the characters look like? ps shout out to the 3 peeps who faved this I LOVE YOU THANK YOU!!! *crys with happiness* Aaaannnnnyyyy ways enjoy, like, comment, have a good day :)

This is Mia she is a vampire 

This is Kimberly she is an earth fairy 

this is Julia she is a water fairy

 This is Yumi she is a werewolf 

This is Zack he is a vampire 

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