being different

Luna always knew she was different, normal kids didn't turn into animals, make things come to them, or any of the other things she did. It was a simple fact of her life she accepted it and tried to fit in the best she could for sixteen years. One day her mom tells her to pack her things, she found a school that are for children like Luna. So Luna is shipped off to Katsgrad boarding school for "Gifted" children. But even as she struggles with her classes, new friends, and boys; she realizes she is still very different. She isn't the only one to realizes this either and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on her.


11. Dreams or memories?

I was sitting at a bar stool drinking a milkshake while people around me, people I didn't even know sang happy birthday to me. I felt very happy and special, today was my third birthday. My mom and dad sat on either side of me laughing. I loved both of their laugh. My father's laugh was loud and made his entire body shake, it was like his soul was laughing too, and his eyes which were the same color green as mine seemed to glow. My mother's laugh reminded me of pretty wind chimes that clinked together perfectly. Suddenly a man I knew came through the restaurant door. His name was Mr. Harrison and he worked for my dad, I think. 

"Look at my new shoes!" I said to him when he came over. I proudly lifted up my feet and shook them around so he could see the butterflies on them. 

"That's nice honey, sir we have a problem." He replied not even hearing what I had said.  My father stood up with a worried look on his face. 

"Daddy is every thing ok?" 

"Yes of course sweetheart daddy just has to take care of some business." I smiled as he left because if Daddy said every thing was ok then it was. 

"I'll be right back honey I'm just going to go to the bathroom." my mother said soon after. Thinking nothing of it I sat and drank my milkshake. After a while a nice woman came up to me she had short brown hair that was almost black like mine but not quite and blue eyes. She told me happy birthday and that she liked my shoes. When she told me to follow her because my dad wanted me I decided it was ok. Right as we got to the door there was a scream and a bang. I knew that voice it was my mother's.

"Mommy!" I screamed and tried to run to the bathroom, but the strange woman grabbed me and pulled me out the door. she carried me over, kicking and screaming to a man. It took me a second to figure out it was Mr. Harrison. 

"You didn't tell me you were going to kill that woman." The lady that was carrying me said.

"It was an unforeseen casualty but it can work in our favor with his child and wife gone he will surely be weakened. I just need you to take the child and keep it until I send for it. Hurry up and go he will wake up soon." and with that Mr. Harrison disappeared. I tried as hard as i could to get out of the woman's arms as she took me over to a weird car but nevertheless I was shoved in to the back seat I tried o open the door after she had closed it but it didn't budge. As the woman started to drive away I saw my father.

"Daddy!" I screamed banging on the windows. He looked around wildly and when he saw me he started running. I felt a spark of hope in my chest but then he fell, and I screamed louder.

"Luna!" he cried, out stretching a hand to the car that was quickly getting away. "Luna!!"


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