being different

Luna always knew she was different, normal kids didn't turn into animals, make things come to them, or any of the other things she did. It was a simple fact of her life she accepted it and tried to fit in the best she could for sixteen years. One day her mom tells her to pack her things, she found a school that are for children like Luna. So Luna is shipped off to Katsgrad boarding school for "Gifted" children. But even as she struggles with her classes, new friends, and boys; she realizes she is still very different. She isn't the only one to realizes this either and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on her.


6. back to the story!!!

The next morning Lilac woke me by jumping on my bed.

"Come on sleepy pants we are going to be late for breakfast!"  I groaned and pulled the blankets over my head. 

"Do I have to?" I mumbled hoping for a no.

"Yes! Now come on!" She replied ripping the blankets off my bed; the cold air finally got me up. 

"No I don't wanna go to school mommy." I heard Beans mutter, from the pile of blankets on the floor, as I got dressed. 

"What was that!?" Luna whispered hiding behind me. 

"Its Beans my stuffed rabbit." I said rolling my eyes and digging him out for her to see. 

"Noooooo, I'm cold!" Beans said squirming around. 

"You don't even know what cold is Beans." 

"Oh my baby Jesus, he is soooo cute!!!!!" Lilac said hugging him tightly. I quickly got ready as Lilac smothered Beans. I mentally sighed, Beans didn't need any help adding to his ego it was already as wide as the Pacific ocean and just as deep.  "How is he alive?" Lilac asked, after she finally put him down. 

"It's my fault really I can make things like stuff animals come to life."

"Really!! Thats so cool!" 

"I guess." I said shrugging and picked up my backpack. Lilac pulled me out of the room still talking about how cute Beans was. 

"Hey Lie!" I heard some one say just when I thought my head was going to explode. I turned around to see four girls hurrying to catch up. The first one to reach us was a girl with bright pink hair and forest green eyes. "Hey Lie... wait a second! Your the new girl! Hi I'm Mia." 

"I'm Yumi!" said a girl with dark brown hair and light brown eyes and glasses. 

"Kimberly!" giggled a girl with light brown hair and green eyes. The last girl was shorter then the rest of us, easily able to hid behind Kimberly; which she was. She had long purple hair pulled into pig tails and purple eyes.

"My name is Julia." She mumbled into Kimberly's back.  

"Hi I'm Luna." I said smiling. 

"Well I suppose since you survived a night with Lie you can hang with us now." Yumi said giving me a hug. 

"Thanks?" I replied awkwardly hugging her back.

"I'm hungry guys." Julia complained still hiding behind Kimberly. My stomach growled in response. Every one started laughing. Julia came from behind Kimberly smiling and grabbed my hand. "Lets go eat!" she said, starting to pull me along. When we got to the dining hall we quickly got some food. I got scrambled eggs with syrup on them, bacon, and a glass of milk. I followed my new friends as they sat at a table with Dean and another boy. He had black hair and reddish/purplish eyes.

"Your new right?" He asked when I sat down. I just nodded and started eating.  "Name's Zack, Dean already told me your's is Luna."

"Yeah nice to meet you Zack." 

"Hey let me see your schedule." He said.

"Oooo yeah I want to see it too!!" Mia said happily a couple of the other girls nodded. I got it out but before I could hand it to Zack, Mia snatched it away.

"Oh my gosh! we have first period together!" She squealed. 

"Really cool. What class is that again?" I asked.  

"Japanese." Yumi said, "I'm in that class too." Zack grabbed the paper from Mia and looked it over. 

"We have math and gym." He said passing the paper along. I also had math with Dean and Lilac. I had history with Kimberly and science and art with Julia and Yumi. 

"Wait a second," Yumi said looking over the sheet of paper again. "you have mental and physical class."

"What does that even mean?" 

"Well they are classes that help us understand and control our powers. Physical class deals with kids that physically do some thing like the werewolves. Mental class deals with people who can do things with their mind or eyes." She explained.  "Your last class is study hall none of us have it that period though." 

"Thats ok, thanks guys." I said. Inside though I sighed, today was going to be a long day.



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