Song lyrics i wrote

just song lyrics i wrote for my demo


2. Suicide Victim's Note

Verse 1

Can you see me, 

As I lie here in this coffin?

Light is blinding,

Tears are falling, 

Hearts are breaking, 

My soul is dying, 

And it's all because of you

Do you know what you have done? 


You broke me,

Hurt me,

Tore me to pieces, 

You have killed me 

I'm lying here because of you,

This is a Suicide Victim's Note

Verse 2 

Do you hear my cries? 

It's funny how people finally listen, 

When you die

Well now it's too late 

Because you can't save me from myself

With these final words,

I am dead

Repeat chorus 2x


This is my final request, 

Stop the madness, 

Bring the peace back to this world, 

Show the love and heart everyone deserves. 

Repeat chorus 

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