Are little secret ( larry stylison fanfic)

They don't no about us and it's going to stay that way. We can't be together around them , but when we are alone imagine all the things we could do. It's are little secret I whisper in his ear before thrusting my length into him


4. out with the boys

Harry's pov

I could get used to waking up next to Louise every morning , his head laying on my chest and his small hands wrapped tightly around my body as if he did not want to let me go. Just as I began to fall back to sleep a beeping noise made me wake up , looking around the room I realised that it was Louise phone which had made the unusual noise. I slowly removed Louise hands from around my waste and got up from the bed , he rolled over and groaned , but he was still asleep. I grabbed his phone and went to unlock it as I realised you have to enter a password , well that's easy I thought as I typed in carrots. He use's that password for everything lol I thought to myself. I opened the massage icon and read the massage which was of Liam , this is why it said ; hey bro we have a meeting at 10 this morning and then lunch with Simon later , we also have a interview and a party to go to later on. Do you want me to pick you up or will Harry bring you ? X I typed back a reply : hey man thanks for telling me , Harry will bring me thanks for the offer dude x he replied with a ok and a wink face. I then deleted the message so Louise will never see it. I walked over to the bed and softly called Louise name but got no reply. The older boy looked so peaceful when he was sleeping but it was Nine am and we need to leave here in 20 minutes as the meeting was a good forty minute drive away. I crawled in to he bed and slowly began to rub Louise leg with my hand still earning no reply. That was not working so I got on top of him and began to kiss his swollen lips , I ran my hands through his hair and then moved my lips to his neck and I began to sucked on his sweet spot leaving a mark. Still he did not stir so I began to run my crotch against his our boxes rubbing together causing friction. I did this for ten seconds when I heard a low raspy moan escape his mouth , i let out a rather load groan as I felt him finally wake and kiss back. Louise I said in between grunts " Louise we have a argh fuck a meeting and we need to eat before we ah omg go. " argh Harry mmmm can't I just eat you he asked in a seductive tone while biting his lip as he no's it turns me on. No baby we need to go , as much as I want you to , we can't I grunted in response. " can't we just stay in bed for a little longer please he said while giving me the puppy dog eyes. I tried to sit up and get of the bed but he flipped us so I was on bottom and he was on top of me forcing me down. He trailed his hands up my thigh higher and higher trying to make me give in and stay in bed longer , his fingers traced over my boxers making me grunt and let out a small moan.

Louise pov

I began to Palm Harry through his boxers hoping he would give in and stay in bed , I kissed him roughly and forced my tongue into his mouth making him grunt I'm response. He began to moan loud and thrust his hips on to mine and I knew I had won , he would stay in bed for a bit. Harry flipped us and began to trace my abs with his hands , he got right to my v-line when he stopped.

Harry's p.o.v

I had tricked Louise into letting me on top and when he let me go on top I jumped up and ran out the room " Harry you fucking dick head" Louise screamed I grabbed some clothes and got changed , grabbed a apple and ate it. I was just finishing the apple when a very unhappy looking Louise walked in. He was dressed in some very tight jeans and a vest top which showed of his muscle and some of his chest hair. His very tight pants were my favourite pants on him and I realised he had done this on purpose to punish me. He grabbed a Banana and slipped on some shoes and we left. When we was in the car I felt him put his hand on my leg and began to rub it , I also had very very tight jeans on much more tighter than Louise and if I was to get a boner it would be very visible. He stopped rubbing my leg and began to peel his banana , he then Licked the top of the banana right at the tip and then he began to suck on the banana, deep throating it. He moaned as he sucked the banana and when he felt satisfied he ate , there was some on his fingers so he began to lick it of , mumbling about how good it tasted. I the rest of the journey was silent but I could see him grinning like a Cheshire Cat . When we arrived at the car park we was ten minutes early and I decide to get out and get some fresh air. I stood by my car ( a black range Rover) when I felt a hot breathe on my neck , it was Louise. He lifted his head from my neck and nibbled on my ear , he then whispered in my ear: that banana tasted so good , i was thinking about you the whole time. With out warning he placed his hand on my crotch and began to rub it hard and fast , increasing the speed every time I begged him to stop because I was scared someone would see us.

Finally he stopped just in time as Liam , zayne and Niall all turned up and we walked into the building for our meeting. We was lead into a meeting room where Paul was standing waiting for us , sit down boys he said gesturing to the seats that stood in front of us. We sat down around a table , me and Louise we're say together , Niall and zayne opposite us and Paul and Liam on the ends of the table. The meeting was to discus are new album and tour dates for 2015 , to me honest it was so boring I nearly feel asleep. We had been sat in here for about an hour now when I felt somebody's hand on my inner thigh , I knew it was Louise of course. His hand traveled up and down my leg making goosebumps appear , he was teasing me rubbing up my leg but not so high as to touch my cock. After ten minutes of rubbing my leg he removed his hand and I saw him grin. That's when I knew I was in trouble.

Louis pov

I could see him watching my hand as I teased him rubbing up and down but not so high as to touch his cock. Then I let my hand graze over his cock, I could feel the bulge in his pants get bigger with every touch. I palmed him through his jeans causing him to let out a grunt , everybody was staring at him and he had to pretend he was coughing. I think he thought I would stop but I carried on running circles over the bulge and I watched it get bigger and harder. I rubbed his pants in till it was time to get up and go meet Simon for lunch. Harry stood up and tried to walk out with out anybody noticing his Boner , his face was hilarious as he ran from the meeting room to the cafe. He was probably hoping I would not sit next to him , but I did anyway. Simon sat down and began to talk about tour dates even though we had just had this conversation with Paul!.

Liam's pov

There is something going on with Louise and Harry hmmm strange.

Nialls pov

Food , I need food , when will this finish ? You are trying to starve me to death.

Zayne's pov

I need a mirror , when will this finish? My hair is ruined!

Harry's pov

Louise hand had began to explore my leg again , up and down he rubbed , leaving a hot tingling sensation every where he touched. He began to undo my pants and when they were undone enough he slipped his hand into my pants and began to to play with the waistband of my boxers. Mmmm I let a moan slip from my mouth , it was lucky nobody heard it a they were to busy talking about tour dates and over shit to hear my moan. His hand slipped down into my boxers and started playing with my cock , stroking it softly and then rubbing it hard , I was about to cum when he moved his Hand and did up my pants.

Simons pov

Boys I have to tell you something , you will be leaving for your tour tommorow and Liam , Niall and zayne will be sharing a tour bus and Louise and Harry are sharing one. Liam can Niall and zayne stay at your house tonight and Harry and Louise will stay in the tour bus. With that he left.

Harry pov

Lousie is so going to be punished for teasing me!:)

Louis p.0.v

The boys left after Simon leaving me and Harry alone , we left the building and walked towards the tour bus . Harry unlocked the bus using the key Simon gave him, when we walked in he told me he was just going to take a shower. Five minutes later he came down stairs with just a towel wrapped around his waist , showing of a little of his v-line. His wet curly hair dripped on to his toned chest , making me a bit turned on. He sat down next to me on the sofa and then he put his hand down the towel and began to move it around. He was wanking himself in front of me , argh he moaned next to me. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his breathing increased as he increased the speed his hand was moving. He began to grunt and moan ; argh shit fucking hell mmmmm. He let out a loud scream as he came all over his hands, he removed his hand from his towel and licked the come of his fingers. I moaned when he did that , it was such a turn on. Before I could doing anything I felt Harry's full body weight on me , pushing me down on to the floor, then I felt something click around my wrist. I looked up to see handcuffs around my wrist and I noticed that they were attached to the table leg that was near by. I then felt my feet being attached to a pair of ankles cuffs which were also attached to a ledge that Harry had wedged between the sofa and table , my legs high up in the air and my back and the rest of my body on the floor . My bum was sticking out mid air. Harry stood up and walked out over to the sink , looking for something. He had left me here unable to move. He came back with some scissors and a pot Of something but I could not see what it was. He placed his legs ever side over my body and began to cut through my favourite top.

"Harry that's my favourite top"

" shut up, you should not of teased me like that earlier then should of you." He growled in my ear

Luckily I had change in to my boxers when he went into the shower or he would of cut my tight jeans of. That probly would I resulted in a broken pair I scissors even tho they are pretty strong. When he was done cutting of my boxers , my big dick sprung out and hit my stomach making Harry groan ;argh fuck louis he screamed. He began to kiss me hungrily , sliding his tongue into my mouth , his hands in my hair. His towel was still round his waste , I wanted to rip it of but my hand were tied up so I could not. He ended the kiss and stood up in front of me , dropping his towel , my dick hardened and I just wanted to grab but I was unable to. I whimpered as I watched him jerk him self of , Harry let me touch my cock I begged. No not yet he replied

I watched as he pumped his cock , grunts and moans coming from his mouth. He walked over to me and put his dick in my face , screaming "shit Louis" he came all over my face. He began to lick it of his tongue exploring my face. His cock wiggled in my face and I sat up as far as I could and sucked it " shit louis , arghh argh argh argh fuck , oh my,we're the words that tumbled out of his mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and walked round to my legs. He spread my legs and began to lick my hole, nibble every now a again earning a moan from me. Shit Harry I cried as I felt a finger suddenly enter me, he did not stop even when I begged him to in fact as soon as he penetrated one he entered another. Three fingers and I was begging him to stop but he just laughed and add another finger to make four, pumping and curling his fingers inside of me I screamed in pleasure and came everywhere. My hot juices all up my stomach , Harry licked them up and then got a bit on his finger and shoved it in my mouth and said taste how good you taste lou. I sucked my cum of his finger and then I said to him " Harry please just undo my hand cuffs so I can have a wank. Nope he said. And with that he slammed his massive hard cock in to my little tight hole. Arg shit Harry I moaned , the pain soon turned to pleasure and we both were moaning and grunting. Harry please let me pleasure you I begged his answer was a simple no! Argggg shit Harry

Harry's pov

I nibbled on Louis earlobe and then in a seductive tone I whispered: "stop moaning or I will fuck your tight little ass hole so hard you won't be able to walk for a week". "Ok" he stuttered " don't talk " I screamed whilst pounding into him so hard. I pounded into him hard and fast and he tried to keep quit but then he screamed my name and began to moan loud "shit Harry mmmmmmm argh argh" "what did I say " "not to talk or moan" I smirked and pounded into him even harder , putting my hand on the window for support , my thrust became sloppier and slower as I was about to cum. " cum now " I screamed to him and we not came at the same time. I pulled out of him and undid his hand cuffs and his ankle cuffs to , he stood up and put his hands on my sweating chest. I grabbed his bum and told him to jump , he did what I told him and soon his legs were wrapped around my waist , his cock against mine. I pushed him up against the wall and began to kiss his neck leaving love bites , he began to moan and then he said " Harry please I'm sorry for teasing you , let me wank , my dick is aching to be touched please I'm so sorry." I loved seeing him a hot whimpering mess , so I said to him " am I a sex god ?" " yessss your a sex god , your cock in my ass makes me feel like jelly" he cried out. I kissed his lips slowly and passionately while I carried him over to the sofa , I place him down softly and then I crawl on top of him. He reached down towards his cock , about to wank himself when I grabbed his wrist , stopping him. " do you want me to do it for you ? " I asked him seductively while biting my lip. He nodded his head and said yes.

Louis pov

Harry slowly ran his hand over my length , it felt soft and loving not rough and hard. "Harry have you ever thought about making love? , it's just when your touching me now it feels so passionate and I want to make love to you , I no you have never been fucked up the annul and I want to be your first. He stopped rubbing my length and looked up are eyes meeting , " Louis I would love you to make love to me , how did you no this would be my first ? ". "Because I could just tell ". " are you sure your want to lose your first to me I mean people say that you should lose you first to someone you love". " Louis l love you more than you could imagine , I want to lose it to you and could not imagine losing it to anybody else, but let me pleasure you first" he said . He reached down and rubbed my aching cock , not hard and fast but with passion , he looked at me the whole time his green eyes filled with lust. " Shit Harry mmmm arg arg mmmmm I'm gonna cum" " that's it cum for me baby" he moaned , sending me over the edge , my hot liquid squirting all over his hand. He licked his finger and moaned out " argh mmm yum Lou you taste so fucking good." Harry can I try some ?"I asked "here babe" he put his finger next to my mouth and I began to suck his finger , "omg that's so fucking hot " he cried. Then he put his head down to my cock and began to suck , his tongue licking my tip and lips grazing it. I got a fistful of his hair and pushed him forward so his lips would engulf my cock. I moaned as he deep throated it and when he moaned out my name " Louis mmmmmmmm argh argh come for me baby I no you want to!"I came in his mouth and pulled out my dick then collapsing in a pile on the couch. I watched him expecting him to spit but he swallowed making me moan so load.

Harry's pov



"I'm ready"

He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom , when we made it to the bedroom he pushed me down on to the bed. He told me to go on all fours , while he picked up a tub of lube and began to smear his fingers in it.

" baby I'm going to use lube as it's your first time ok "

"Ok Lou I'm ready"

He started to rub my cock with one hand and with the over he began to slowly push his finger in to my asshole. Both pain and pleasure shock through my body and I grunted in delight. It was so strange not being in control , I'm always the one on top and Lou on bottom now it's the over way. He penetrated one and then added another , he repeated this in till he got to four fingers. "Baby are you ready?" he asked me "Yess daddy pleasure me"I begged. He put his hands on my lower back and lined his dick at my hole , mumbling words of encouragement in my ear. He pushed in to me slowly and I let a small sob and tear escape, he reached up and wiped it away.

Louis pov

It was so strange being in control I was never in control now it was my turn. I penetrated harry and he let out a small grunt , he began to moan as I thrust my hips into him a little faster than before. " daddy please give me everything " he begged me. I thrust in to him , hard and fast, pounding my hard cock into his tiny tight asshole. Argh shit louis he grunted , fuck mmmm oh shit daddy pleasure me. I pounded in to him harder and harder and Listened to his moans and grunt which was a big turn on. Baby I'm gonna come I screamed. I began to pull out of him so I could cum on the floor but he begged me to stay inside of him when I came. 3...2..1. I let my hot liquid fill up his hole, earning a series of grunts from harry. I pulled out and told him to stand up, he stood up and I pushed him against the bedroom wall. I forced him to turn around so he was facing the wall and without any warming I slammed my cock into him. When I thrust into him he would hit the wall and his dick which was very hard and sticking up would crash into the wall making him scream in delight. I pulled out of him making him whimper as he wanted more and I made him bend over, when he was bent over I began to spank him.

Harry's pov

He told me to bend over and I did, then he began to spank me. I cried out as his hand slapped my soar bum cheeks. I stood up and pushed his shoulders , he did not expect it and he fell onto the bed. I climbed on top of him and began to leave a trail of kisses starting from his chest down to his dick, uh uh mmm fuck harry he cried as my swollen lips lightly pressed a kiss on to the tip of his cock. I got of him and went down stairs grabbing some whip cream , I ran back upstairs and smothered his body in it. I began to lick the fresh cream of him earning a series of grunt , whines and moans,his body shock underneath me but I carried on. His body tasted so good , mmmmm mmmmmmm.

Louis pov

He began to like the whip cream of my body , ah fuck his tongue is so good , it makes me want to scream. He began to lick my v-line , his tongue so close to my cock. His tongue slipped down to my cock and began to lick the tip , his tongue darting across it , licking up and down my strip.Ah shit harry,fuck mmm yeah argh argh mmmm omg I want you inside of me now. He began to pump my dick with his hand making me scream out and cum all over him. He put his knees either side of my body , and began to kiss me roughly while rubbing his dick against mine causing so much friction. I fisted his hair in my hands and began to tug at it lightly as he moaned in pleasure. I knew pulling his hair turned him on , so I did it a little bit more so he was extra horny.

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