Are little secret ( larry stylison fanfic)

They don't no about us and it's going to stay that way. We can't be together around them , but when we are alone imagine all the things we could do. It's are little secret I whisper in his ear before thrusting my length into him


1. alone together

Hey guys so this is my first story so hope you all enjoy. Just want to let you no I do ship Larry and u don't want no hate. 👌👊

All the boys just left , they are going to a party and stopping at Liam's house after the party

as his house is just round the corner from the party, they asked me if I wanted to go but I did not want to. When they left I stripped of my clothes and turned the shower on , I stepped in and grabbed the body wash. I squirted some on my hands and began to wash my body. I began at my neck and worked down to my chest , down to my v-line and then to my length. As my hands grazed over my length I let out a moan , I began to pump my shaft up and down faster and harder argh argh oh ah ah oh omg ahah ohoh omg was the noises that came out of my mouth. I Love having a wank in the shower. I pumped my dick in-till I came all over my hand and then I licked my cum , ummm yumm It taste like pineapple argh so good.

I stepped out of the shower and began to dry my aching body , man I'm Horney😏.As nobody was in the house I decided to go watch tv naked , I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and had a massive sip. Then I went to the front room and put on the tv . I was halfway though watching a film when I heard the front door open and a soaking wet Louise walked in.

Louise p.o.v

We had just arrived at the party and as we walked in I noticed my ex girlfriend Eleanor was there. Man I loved her in till she broke my heart. I watched as she walked to the dance floor and started grinding on some random man , I decided I could not stay here so I told the boys I did not feel to well and I was going home. The boys were to absorb in the drink and the girls to hear me but luckily just as I was leaving Liam noticed me and told me the boys were staying at his house so they would see me tomorrow afternoon and he would tx me a time they would be back tomorrow. They was staying at his as it is just around the corner from the party. Just as I left it began to rain , I had to walk as we brought no car because we was staying at Liam's and we was all going to drink. As I reached our house my body ached as I fell over running to get to the bands house before I got too wet and my clothes were drenched through. I unlocked the door with my key which I luckily took out with me , I usually leave it at home as I tend to lose things when I get drunk or when I go out generally to be honest. When I unlocked the door I got a big shock , Harry was sat on the sofa completely naked , his dick just laying freely on the sofa. Man he has a big dick!

Harry's pov

He just stood there staring at my body , I jumped up and pulled on some boxers wich were laying next to me ( I don't even think they are mine). Hey what are you doing back ? I asked him

Well it's a long story really he replied he bit his lip and said it's just me and you tonight.

He walked into the kitchen and I followed him , he pulled of his top , shoes and trousers and put them in the wash. He was just stood there in his boxers , his toned muscly body showing. I noticed that he was bleeding on his face near his lips so I ask him if it hurt. Not really but I need to wash it so it does not get dirty he replied. Sit on the table I ordered him, he did this and I got the first aid kit out. I got some wipes out and a plaster and a bag of ice as his lip was swollen. I walked over to him and placed my hands on his knees spreading his legs , then I stood in between his legs and began to sort his face out. I moved closer to him so it was easier for me and my dick rubbed against his by accident, I hope he never noticed it. When I was cleaning his face I noticed how lovely his eyes were and how kissable his lips was , shut up Harry your not gay it's only because your Horney and your girlfriend is away in a different country modelling. When his face was clean, we went into the front room and I put the television on , bad teacher was on and we began to watch it although we have watched it loads of times so we was not really paying much attention to it. After what felt like forever Louise spoke , he said Hazza my back hurts can you give it a massage ? Please , he gave me the puppy dog eyes.

Louise pov.

Hazza my back hurts can you give me a massage? Please I gave him the puppy dog eyes. He looked at me with those green eyes of his and nodded. He bit his lip and then said lay down on your stomach. I turned on to my stomach and felt Harry climb on top of me , his legs ever side of me and then the rest of him was sitting on my back. He began rubbing my back right at the top near my shoulders and neck and he then began to move it farther down towards the line of my boxers. Oh my god I have been dreaming of this for ages , Harry on top of me giving me a massage. His hands began to travel more lower on my back and I thought I was going to cry with happiness. His touch made my dick ache for him and I need him to touch every part of my body. I just got a boner over Harry omg this is not good , what if he see's ? After a little longer of massaging my back he got of and sat next to me , he changed channel and began to watch what was on the screen.

Harry's pov.

Omg I enjoyed that so much , touching his body was amazing. I need to do something I can't just sit here. I sat and watched him as he concentrated on the tv , then I slowly and quietly with out him seeing slipped my hand on to his thigh. He just thought I was resting my hand on his leg but I had a better idea , soon I began to move it a little higher and higher as I watched the bulge in his pants grow. He let a moan slip from his mouth and I no he was enjoying it but still he pretended like he did not realise I was touching him. I rubbed his thigh harder down and higher and I soon reached the bottom of his boxers , I really was enjoying this and I knew he was to. He was pretending he had not noticed my hand nearly in his pants but I could tell he noticed because he moaned twice and he had a boner.

Louise pov.

Harry's hand was trailing up my leg , higher and higher and I was enjoying it. I moaned and I hope he did not hear it , he must think he Is touching the sofa how embarrassing me moaning and him not knowing that he is touching me. For a second I thought he was doing it on purpose but he one hundred percent does not feel the same way as I do because I no he is not gay:(.

Harry p.o.v

Still he is not giving in , but I know he is enjoying it. He is teasing me so bad , well two can play that game. My hand is now fully in his boxers and is center meters away from touching his dick , as my hand travels the last few Center meters I can hear his breathing increase rapidly. My hand grazed lightly over his dick and then I began to slowly stroke it , then I began to pump his dick. He tilted his head back in pleasure and began to moan harry argh argh omg omg oh oh ah ah.

Louise p.o.v

He took his hand of my aching dick and climbed on top of me , he placed his hands either side of me. He began to kiss me , licking my bottom lip asking for entrance, I decided to tease him so I denied and did not let his tongue enter my mouth. Soon after that I felt a strong pair of hands squeeze my bum making me gasp , he slipped his tongue into my mouth and began to kiss me roughly but passionately. I began to rubbed my crotch against his to get friction earning a moan from Harry.

Harry's pov

Louise rubbed his dick against mine causing friction , making me want him even more. He flipped us over and began to kiss down my neck , sucking on my sweet spot and trailing his hands up and down my nearly naked body. Argh moans escaped my mouth as he rubbed himself against me again and again even more each time. His hand ran down my chest and down towards the rim of my boxers making me want him so bad. He palmed me through my boxers making me scream in pleasure , I lived this feeling. I flipped us over again and used my teeth to pull down his pants , his dick springed out and slapped him in the stomach with made my own dick twitch with excitement.

Louise pov

He placed his tongue on the tip of my dick and swirled it around teasing me making me wait for the pleasure he would soon bring me. I could not wait no longer so I grabbed his hair and forced his head down causing his mouth to wrap around my dick, he began to suck my dick and made me cum in his mouth so quickly , he even swallowed it for me. I lauded on top of him and left trails if kisses down from his chest to his waistband of his boxers then I pulled down his boxers and licked his dick. He told me to get on my hands and knees and to get ready. I did as I was told and waited as he lined himself up against my whole , just fuck me already I screamed at him and with that he pushed in to me. I screamed out I great pleasure , argh fuck Louise your so tight he said as he thrust in and out of me , baby I'm gonna come he screamed. He twitched inside if me and realied all his liquid in to me , he did a few sloppy thrust into my Annual before pulling out and laying next to me. Round two he ask with a cheeky grin on his face. This time I entered him and I put all my effort in to pleasuring him , the way he moaned made we want to fuck him all day and hard , his perfect body makes me so hard and he is just so good to fuck. We ended up doing six rounds of fucking and by the end of it we both were unable to walk ;)

So guys hope you liked that chapter a new one will be posted soon , I just thought I would tell you but if you like , fan or favourite all will be returned promise xx 👌👊

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