Promise you'll stay?

I looked into his blue eyes and said, "Do you promise me that you won't leave me? He looked at me smiling. "I promise you. And I give you my word!" I smiled at him as he pulled me into a hug. That was the last time I or any one really ever heard or saw him.........


2. The intervew and old memories

Okay lads are you all ready to start this interview?

*All node heads*

Okay first question.... Did you meat any body before the band that either had a huge impact on your life or that changed it in a way that you will never for get?

*lads look at each other*

Harry: Well Scott do you mind if we take this time to tell you a story about a boy?

Louis: Not just any boy though.

Liam: No he was not just any boy at all.

Zayn: This boy's name was Niall Horan and we would like to tell you the story about how we all meat him and how he changed our lives.

Okay but can I just ask you a question Liam before we start?

Liam: Sure go ahead mate.

Okay If I may ask why did you say that he was? What happened to the boy you all are talking about?

Liam: This boy Niall horan well he's not alive any more......

*looks down at ground with tears in his eyes now*

Oh im so sorry

Liam: It's okay you didn't know.

How did he die?

Harry: You'll have to wait and find out in the story.

Okay then lets hear this story you boys have to tell then.

Louis: We hope that you like it!

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