Promise you'll stay?

I looked into his blue eyes and said, "Do you promise me that you won't leave me? He looked at me smiling. "I promise you. And I give you my word!" I smiled at him as he pulled me into a hug. That was the last time I or any one really ever heard or saw him.........


9. Some one will die.......

Louis's pov:

I took the phone out of Niall's hand with a shaky breath I said, "Hello?" Their was crying on the other end. "Louis thank goodness you picked up its me Darbi your sister! I'm scared." I sighed with relief and said, "Darbi what's wrong tell me what happened?" "I'm scared Louis mommy is gone. Its just me and Daddy at home right now. Mommy is dead...." I heard her brake down into tears. "What?" I felt my heart shatter into a million peace's. "Their was a man Louis with pointy teeth and he killed mommy. Louis I'm scared what do I do?" I collapsed to the floor in Harry's arms. Niall and Molly both ran to my side. "Louis what's the matter are you okay?"

I looked up into Niall's big scared blue eyes. Tears running down my face now as I said, "He got my mom." Niall pulled me into a hug and I started to cry even harder now. "What do you mean he? Lou tell me who he is?" I looked at Harry still crying into Niall and said, "I don't know who he is but I'm scared he'll go after my sisters and my dad." Harry went and called 911 and gave the police my address. "Louis their are cops that are going to stay with your family till we find out who this guy is and what he wants. Okay Louis?" I shook my head still shaking form the news.

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