Promise you'll stay?

I looked into his blue eyes and said, "Do you promise me that you won't leave me? He looked at me smiling. "I promise you. And I give you my word!" I smiled at him as he pulled me into a hug. That was the last time I or any one really ever heard or saw him.........


21. So the story ends

*back at interview*

Harry: Everyday after Niall died we each go down to his grave and say hi.

Liam: We would talk to him about life as if hr had never left.

Molly: I how ever would get some letters from the fans and people who knew him. Then I would go down to his grave and i would read them to him. In fact i have one here from me and the lads.

Do you mind if we read it?

Zayn: Not at all.




Dear Niall

We all hope you are doing well were ever you are now. Me and the lads all miss you and their was one last thing we had to say. This can wait im sorry to say.

Harry: I never got a chance to tell you that even in death your still my best friend and im going to miss you alot.

Louis: I never got to thank you for all that you did in my time of need. I still wish that i had died that day instead of you. You were so nice and it wasn't far you had to go so soon. So rest in peace now Niall thanks to you were all safe.

Zayn: I always thought you were really cool. I will admit that you were a bit crazzy at first but after i saw how much you cared. How you could make the greast of days bright. I knew you were great. I just wish we could see your smile and hear your laugh right now.

Molly: My only words I wish I had said were "I Do"

Liam: I only wish I could have said "Good Bye"

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